Using my coupon at my own place

I received one of those $100 coupons from Airbnb that is good until Dec. 31st. My only travel between now and then is already planned and paid for. I was going to have my daughter use the code and book our place so I’d just get the money. However, I’m wondering if I can just book my own place or the Airbnb computer will have a hissy fit. Has anyone ever done this? I know we’ll lose a few bucks on fees, but I don’t want it to expire unused.

The only thing I’ve considered doing is booking a friend’s place and they send me the money if I can’t make the trip.

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I’d be extremely surprised if you could book your own place or use the promo code issued to you to book your own place. Vouchers are non-transferrable- your daughter would not be able to use your voucher from her account.

See if there’s another host who wants to “fake book” a coupon trade with you.

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Last night- Just for interests sake, I was looking at rates etc as a guest. When a bit far and the site refused to accept the booking - saying you can’t book your own listing.


Of course you can’t pass your voucher onto someone else it’s only valid for your use and you obviously can’t book your own place.

Just see it as an opportunity in the next year to book a break somewhere nice .

You can’t use your coupon code for your own listing. I haven’t been using mine either. One was going to expire so I looked for someone to gift.

I had to find someone with a price low enough to keep the whole cost at $100. I booked and then offered to cancel but this particular host was not expecting to have guests anyway so I didn’t cancel but also didn’t go. Seemed better than Airbnb keeping the $100 and it was no trouble for me. I imagine you could arrange an exchange with another host (you book theirs and they book yours) but you should keep it on the down-low.

I have another that is going to expire soon now and plan to do the same thing. Airbnb does not get to keep that money. It’s going to a host.


Let us know when you want special offers! :slight_smile:


Fortunately my daughter needed an accommodation near an airport for an early morning flight. The host agree to let me use my coupon for her since we are the same family and both are long time Airbnb participants. My daughter was thrilled to pay only $3. Funny she didn’t mention giving me $100 for my coupon, lol.


I booked my son’s place and he booked mine with our coupons a few years ago.


I ended up actually using it for once. It’s been a long time since I’ve booked an Airbnb, the last one was prior to becoming a host.

It has made a nervous guest I think, because I know too much now. I had to Request to Book and I was so worried that the host might decline me. And not because there is any reason to decline me but only because I know it’s possible. Maybe he was going to be weird about me being another host or superhost like we read on the forum sometimes.