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Using its Pans as Storage

I don’t understand why people, usually Latin American guests, use pots and pans as storage containers. They cook their food and leave it on the counter all day without refrigeration. What if I want to use that pan to cook my dinner?!

Rather a generalisation @TheDees

None of my South American family does that.

If you are finding it a problem, then just remind guests to store any leftover food in the containers you provide when you are showing them around your listing.

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You ask the guest to remove their leftovers to storage containers?

I’m in New Zealand now with my US born friends and they leave pots of beans on the counter all day. Here I believe it’s related to lack of refrigerator space combined with beans will all be gone by late tonight.

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Kiwis… :wink: I’m very jealous!! Have a blast…

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If you are sharing your kitchen with guests, it’s important to let them know how you’d like things done. Not everyone has the same habits. If I were staying at someone’s else’s home, I’d be mindful to transfer leftovers to a storage container in case anyone else wanted to use that pot or pan, but not all guests will be that respectful. But when I am at home on my own, I don’t use storage containers that much- if there’s leftover rice, the whole pot goes in the fridge. Why make more dirty dishes to wash, is my attitude.

@TheDees Beans need to sit in water for up to 8 hours before cooking (the water needs to be changed a couple of times); accordingly, it’s possible that the pot full of beans is simply part of the process before the actual cooking. That’s how I cook my black beans.

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