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Used Bed linens and comforters for sale- No iron high quality sateen from Comphy linens

I am closing down and have several high quality non iron bed linens from Comphy and comforters. pillows- all purchased in the last 2 years. Is anyone interested in buying at a fraction of the cost plus shipping? I had 10+ bedrooms occupied at any time. Or, can someone suggest where I should post this? Please message me directly
Thanks in advance

Why not post it on the NYC host group or just advertise for sale on your local area FB group @nyc

Because nyc is closing. And its easy to mail.

Post it on Letgo, pick up only. Letgo is really easy, just take a picture and post it. You can meet buyer in front of your building or building’s lobby and they pay in cash.

Don’t you have Craigslist in NYC?

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