Use Airbnb as default booking for my property


My property is listed under Airbnb as well as few other booking engines. But i prefer to work with Airbnb for my direct bookings as my preferred booking engine.

For example, if someone email me and ask to book directly, i’d like to send an airbnb link for them to make the booking. But i prefer if this link does not show other properties and other promotions where i could potentially lose that booking. and Agoda have similar options. And they call it the “Booking Button”. But i prefer if this option was there in Airbnb.

Not sure if others could understood my question, please let me know if i can elaborate further.


Why can’t you just link them directly to your booking URL? Just go into your listing and click on the URL at the tope of your listing.

You can then create a hyperlink and include it on your website.

You will need to make sure the price they get is the same as if they booked with you directly,

I cannot think of any reason why you would send a guest to AirBnB instead of taking the booking yourself.

But you can create your own book now button.
Just take the url from you listing and send it in your mail. Or on your website, just download an image of a booking button, and link it to the url of your listing.

Personally, I would never hand control of a booking over to AirBnB.

Unless you aren’t carrying appropriate insurance for your let, I can’t imagine why you would want to pass all control for the booking to Airbnb, pay their fees, and make your guests pay booking fees, when you could take the booking yourself.

But, if you insist…
Go to Your Listings
Click the Preview button
Copy the URL of your listing - it will look something like where “1234567” is a unique reference to your listing (and fictitious in this example). Obviously the bit will vary with your location too.

If you want to pre-load particular check-in and check-out dates, it looks like you can add to the URL as follows:

But I wouldn’t count on Airbnb not changing that in the future.

I hope that helps.

Another thing you can do is use the embed feature Airbnb supply. Simply copy the code and add it into the html of your website. Then you’ll get the lead image and a short clickable description. It will also show your star rating.

Or put a redirect on your site so that when someone types in the URL it goes directly to your Airbnb listing.

If you don’t have your own site, then get a guest post on a site with a friendly URL that’s easy to describe to others.

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