Use additional rental agreement?

does anyone use their own rental agreement (in addition to Air’s House Rules)? If so, how do you get renters to agree to your terms and do you do it before accepting the reservation.
I"m trying to find the best, easiest, and fastest way (since we only have 24 hours, technically).

Yep, downloaded a short term rental agreement template(easily found online), tailored it, embedded the whole thing in my rules, and stated that booking constituted agreement. I’m IB so my rules are voluminous in case I need to chuck somebody out (without penalty). I even include a requirement to comply with the county regulation I’m subject to, with cites. (Under which “smells emanating” are forbidden!) Is it enforceable in a court of law? Don’t know for sure but it can’t hurt.

Shake by Legal Shield site had a useful free download.