Usability issues with Schlage locks

We have a Schlage Z-Wave connect touchscreen deadbolt. It works great for people once they get the hang of it.

First time users (e.g. new guest that arrive and I’m not home) tend to have trouble. I email specific instructions beforehand, but I’m not sure how they’re (mis)operating the keypad as I’m not there to observe.

Is anyone else experiencing the same issue? If so, have you had to modify the instructions so first time users can troubleshoot?

Haven’t you already given the answer to this query? If your guests are having difficulty with the lock, then you need better instructions. I think that there is nothing more frustrating than being unable to get into the place where you have paid to stay. Imagine you have arrived, tired, needing to use the rest room, and you can not get in! Horrible.

It is possible that a lock that you have to get the “hang of it” is a poor choice for a short term rental space.

Well, I know I need to modify the instructions, but I need to figure out exactly what they should say. That’s what I’m really looking for - tips from people who have already modified them based on similar experiences with this brand/model.

I certainly empathize with guests in this situation - I’ve been there myself!

It’s certainly possible that this model isn’t ideal. I don’t want to replace it just yet - all of the consumer reviews were positive.

Ah! Your post was unclear! You might want to edit it your first post to ask your fellow hosts to POST the instructions that they are using successfully for this lock. Sometimes directness is the best policy when using the written word. Best of luck.

I spent nearly 40 years as a science and technical writer. Post the user instructions – as written by Schlage, alng with a picture of the face of the lock they interface with, and I’ll see what I can do to make “user friendly” instructions.

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Ken, I’ve been a professional writer for almost as long, and aren’t you amazed too at the instruction sheets out there that are so poorly written, it looks like they gave it to the intern to do?!, :rofl::rofl::weary::grimacing: