USA weather & expectations

First. My heart goes out to everybody having the life threatening record heat.

Second. Weather is bizarre every where. I’m getting hit with a third tropical storm/depression in two weeks.

One came through, went out to sea, strengthened turned around & stormed again.

Now tomorrow is TS Danny. Guests wanting to reschedule or cancel vacation starting Wednesday BUT:

-they booked under a Moderate policy (refund rebooked nights but we haven’t had that conversation yet)

-To be nice I offered a rebooking in October
(I’m booked with few days available until then plus they may use rescheduling as opportunity to cancel. I can probably rebook 4 of their 7 nights so not full recovery of planned July revenue

-I cannot control the weather.

Anyone else hitting the same thing with this awful blazing hot or stormy weather?

Our area in New England is warm but not as unexpectedly blazing as parts of the US that may not even have AC. I believe that hosts will get a flurry of cancelations and requests for date changes. Once the guests realize that refunds are not required, we will see them stating medical reasons that they cannot endure the unexpected heat level. Some will be legitimate, but Airbnb has no way of sorting them out. Stay tuned.


I feel like we dodged a bullet this year. We live in a part of Canada where people don’t generally have a/c, but we installed a heat pump last year— it provides heat and a/c.

The guest bedrooms are west facing, so even with good sun blinds they were very hot last year. No one complained but we knew it was just a matter of time.

This week is a scorcher, and our guests are quite comfortable. They have no idea what they’re missing!

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I can smell smoke where I am, in the mountains in Southern California
The thing is there are no fires nearby, the smoke yesterday was coming from Arizona… I expect some uncomfortable guests coming. I have a 6 day reservation starting today and a 3 day on friday. I will not be refunding I cannot control the wind. If the fire was local and evacuation was needed that would be different.



The FB groups are full of comments about no AC up in Seattle, where AC is usually not needed. Weather happens, we cannot control it, but we can learn from the record breaking temps how to mention heating and cooling in one’s listing from now on.


And guests have a responsibility to meet their own needs. I know I need to be cool enough at night to sleep. So when I rented summer homes I made sure they had AC. I hate to be cold so I don’t vacation in cold places in winter, etc. All of us need to get used to weather disruptions being a regular feature of our lives.