USA service dog numbers expected to increase

From the article: Training for PTSD service dogs costs about $25,000

These PTSD emotional support animals are NOT the same as those toted around by people who just want to take their dog everywhere.


I’d happily host any of them.


Me too………………………………….


I don’t allow pets, but if a Veteran wrote and said “service dog,” Miss Bella Marie Pesky Paws would have to deal.

And before someone gets “all up in my grill” about service animals and the law, yes, I know. It’s the law. Duh.

But our Vets aren’t getting as much support as they need (this is the 2nd military town I’ve lived in, so I see it first hand), and I’d be happy to step up to make them comfortable.

Besides, REAL service dogs are better behaved than most people. I’ve a friend who is a registered breeder for Guide Dogs for the Blind.

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Yes. No one invested over $25,000 to train we people how to behave properly. :grin: