USA hosts-988 idea for inclusion in your guest books

You gotta remember this is from the woman who keeps aspirin in her rental because it is a first line of defense for a heart attack because no one seems to pack aspirin plus whose guest book first page is emergency & walk in medical facilities—once a nurse, always a nurse


I just posted a small, laminated thing on the side of the frig about how to recognize a stroke. I can’t help it, it just seems too important to worry about it being too gruesome. I’ve got the aspirin in the first aid kit, too. Not a nurse, tho’. Paranoid.


Definitely a good idea in an entire place rental to have emergency numbers easily accessible to guests.

Pardon my ignorance, but how does a suicide prevention line work? A friend of mine used to work the crisis line, taking calls from people in all sorts of crisis situations. They are allowed to ask if the caller would like physical help, like an ambulance or the police to attend, and if so, get the name and address of the person. But not everyone wants help- some just wanted someone to talk to, in which case, the crisis line operator has to respect that.

She got one girl who was cutting herself, and after a relaxed, casual conversation with her- ("Have you done this before? Did your parents know? Are you home alone? Is it bleeding a lot?- my friend was really good at calm, conversational tone), she asked if the girl would like a ride to the hospital- that my friend knew a really nice cop, she could see if he was on duty and get him to come by, but couldn’t guarantee he was working that night and the girl did agree to that.

But there were some calls she got where the person had taken a bunch of pills or slit their wrists and actually did not want intervention- they just wanted to hear a sympathetic human voice while they were dying.

Great idea!! We are just starting and ready to have our first guest.

Thank you for the suggestion:)

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