USA & CAN hosts? Need a vacuum? Shark on sale!

Shark vacuums on sale 15% to $200 off. These are first quality.

Shark Navigator UV725 Upright Vacuum - $69.99 - Free shipping for Prime members Shark Navigator UV725 Upright Vacuum

Deal on a refurbished one. I just ordered this one for my upstairs. Deal expires 12/1.


We keep the original purple Liftway in the city and it is REALLY good. I’m kind of a vacuum geek and as much as I love the convenience of cordless they just can’t beat the power of a corded vac. The Shark Liftaway has a true HEPA filter for a fraction of the price of others.

(I recommend Vacuum Wars on YouTube.)


Thanx. Now I’m looking for some great robot vacuums. :slight_smile:

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I have a >15 year old NV model in my one bedroom unit. I put instructions for guest use. I think this one is almost at end of life. It works fine now but replacement parts are hard to find. I used gorilla tape to mend a crack in the hose.

I want good vacuums because of easy cleaning. People are strange. Some of the shark vacuums are over $400 so I could see someone deciding “ohhh I like this vacuum. I think I’ll take is as a souvenir. “ so no full retail purchases for me. Refurbished has a full factory warranty.

This one will be $90 off.

Check Bed Bath Beyond first. You may do better if they have it & it qualifies for a 20% coupon

I just can’t stomach spending that much any times soon. Maybe one day…

I used a Shark until recently and replaced it with a Roomba. I also have two smaller iRobots which are specifically for tile (Our rentals are both tile-only).

But they are only for my use - they are never left for guests to use. I considered it but as the robots clean so well while I get on with other prep jobs I don’t see why I should take the risk of them being nicked or broken.


Bought an Ecovax on sale at Amazon for $149 2 years ago. It has outlived 2 Roombas, which never have replacement motors available after the first year.

I am on a third Eufy. This summer I got this one for $149 (not the current $269). They were recommended by a member here. As you know I’m very hard on vacuums due to all the dogs here so one of my first ones only made it two years before it started making a godawful noise. I couldn’t figure out why and so I replaced it. One is in the back of the house and one in the front. The little chamber has to be emptied several times between charges but I love it. It gets under both the beds and other furniture.
Amazon has some good cyber Monday deals so this may be a good time to try one.


I’m shopping those now.

I understand. My father wanted a specific new to market so no refurbished models vacuum. $300.
It “went missing” when he moved homes. I bought him a refurbished Shark Navigator $89. He likes it.

I’ve purchased 6 shark navigators/lift aways & 1 shark corded stick for personal use & to have in rentals. I love them. None were over $89.


Shark Robot w/Self-Empty Base - $174.99 - Free shipping for Prime members Shark Robot w/Self-Empty Base


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I have a very old upright vacuum that I would like to get rid of and replace with a lighter weight model.

However, I read the reviews of all these new vacuums and the robot cleaners and they’re all junk. Pay $175 for something that lasts 2 years, not me. We’ve sunk to new lows as consumers.

We have two Eufy robot vacuums. They’re great.

Sorry. I meant to respond to @Annet3176 !


I’m not giving up my Kirby, with all its accessories! But I really don’t use it often now. The robot does a great job at turnovers. The last time I had the Kirby out was when the folks who came for a gay wedding were shedding glitter into the area rugs.

It was 20 years old when I bought it for $35 at a garage sale 45 years ago, and I have added or replaced accessories at garage sales, and replaced the belt periodically. But I would never buy one new. “Overpriced Overkill” was what my dad said to the Kirby salesman.


@Annet3176 over how many years have you bought 6 shark navigators? We bought a Miele canister vacuum for $700 on sale about 14 years ago. It’s still working like it did when it was new.

I’m in the camp of spend more the first time to save money over the years. A vacuum that costs $175 is both cheap and expensive.


One for each rental + replacement (4+1), 2 for my Dad (1 was an expensive new model), 2 for me (upstairs/downstairs) plus 1 shark corded stick—so really 9 Navigators/lift aways & 1 stick.

My upstairs navigator is in case one breaks & I need a replacement while repair in process.

So far the repairs with replacement have only been the machine that at the time was the oldest, a model not made anymore. (abused machine, I took it apart to try & fix it and totally screwed it up. Maybe I should’ve called THE GUY. I said some really bad words when I did that.)

All are rocking & rolling & working well. The oldest in use now is 16 years old. The newest is less than a year. In one of the rentals I gorilla tape patched an abused hose (I’m too cheap to replace when the tape works fine for now)

I forgot to mention I have a Shark steam mop for my tile floors & occasionally use it to clean the shower.

I also have Ninja(shark) blender & food processor. I am a walking Ninja/Shark advertisement :joy::rofl::rofl:

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Wow, I hope you’re getting a commission!

I wrote them & offered to do a testimonial about my appreciation of their vacuums. They didn’t take me up on it though…:thinking:

I use stainless steel cookware but like non-stick fry pans. My next purchase may be:

I put it in my cart but it sold out before I went to purchase…bummer for me.