US host email from Airbnb: URGENT: Ensure congressional recovery package helps hosts

EDIT: It’s super easy, the email is written for you (with a space to add your personal story of how CV has effected you as a host) and sent to the appropriate reps. You just need to input your address/zip.
If you didn’t receive the email you can send the form through airbnb here:

I took a minute and sent the email as requested. (I just received the email a few minutes ago). I urge fellow hosts to do the same!

Here is the verbiage from the email I received:


Here’s the thing - I don’t need a loan, and relieving me of a tax burden or sales when there are non-existent guests doesn’t help either. I just had Airbnb refund a guest from two weeks ago that cancelled her reservation after it started. They already paid me so now I’m in a hole of $400.

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I’m in the US and have not yet seen this email in my inbox.

It looked a little spammy, as it listed his name first (Nate somebody) before it said Airbnb. I would have deleted it without looking at it if I hadn’t been told on here to look out for it.

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Ha. I guess they think we all know the founder’s names by heart.

I received this yesterday and plan to write a letter today. For many of us, short term renting is a business and not a hobby or a way to supplement income. A low interest SBA loan will make a a huge difference to me if this goes on for many months.

If you click on the email it walks you through the letter writing process and will get it to your congressman / senator.

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Exactly! You just fill in some boxes and the emails are sent for you. Just share your story.

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That’s kind of why I posted it, you know how airbnb likes to slowly roll out things to some but not others, though I don’t see the point of that here.

This link should take you to the place to “Get Started”. Super easy, you just put in your address and zip and they send the email to the appropriate rep.

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