US $ 600 Bug quotes extra high prices on plus 7 day inquiries/requests

I have noticed it before on this listing and another of my listings, but did not follow up with Airbnb at that moment. Since I got a cancellation this listing opened up again and I just got an inquiry in for the 27 of Dec thru Jan 3.

For high season I have set my own prices (ranging from $350 to $500 per night), not using smart pricing. So, on this inquiry Airbnb gave a price of $600 per night, nice … but too high and remember, I am not using smart pricing. So I went back and tested it out … and the $600 bug is back … (or still active and alive)

Has anybody seen this bug as well?

Test the $600 bug

Do you have weekly price settings? Under Pricing ----> custom weekly pricing

Ohhh . .looks like I did that a long time ago and never eliminated that … :see_no_evil:
Thanks, Brandt!