Urine, blood and dog pee this week

So this has been my week for body fluids, I had a human piss the bed and bleed on the pissed sheets. Then I had my first dog pee in the cottage, the guest called at check out and fessed up that her dog peed on a rug.

I am grateful for my double protected mattresses, both a zippered waterproof liners and mattress pads did the job and no damages. Also glad that I have vinyl floors and rugs that can be hung over the outside railing and hosed off.

Not too bad after all the dogs that have stayed and paid, the human who peed I am less forgiving of.



Ugh, so sorry to hear that!!! We are going to begin hosting again and I could use your help. We changed out carpet for LVP and now I need to get area rugs. What brand are you using and why do you like them? You had me when you said “hosed off…”

No idea the brand, bought them online Wayfair I think.


You didn’t ask me but my two cents…

I have rugs from Overstock dot com in my part of the house and some runners from Costco that I sometimes put in the Airbnb. But I don’t put the rugs in the Air room if someone has dogs.

But I hose off all my rugs. I don’t worry about brand. I hang them outside over an iron fence I have and use the high pressure nozzle. It’s so hot and dry here that in the summer they are easily dry the same day.

I know back east the situation is usually different. I’d have as few rugs as possible regardless of where I lived.


I actually got rid of the area rugs except the one in the living room. It’s easier to clean and mop (tile) and frankly I think it feels cleaner (thx Covid :pensive:). I do have a door mat on the inside (going to the pool) that I throw in the wash (cotton weave).

I’ve also gotten rid of almost all my throw pillows. Only have one on my two main bedroom beds which I zip off cover and wash each time. During Covid (or frankly from now on) no one should have throw pillows that don’t have zip off covers to wash.

Just my opinion. :heart_eyes:


Of course I appreciate you chiming in! I was kinda looking at Ruggable as they say they’re washable. Not sure how they actually feel on the feet?

I don’t care for the plastic-icky feel of some outdoor rugs for the inside. Mostly I want something soft when putting the feet down in the morning. We don’t allow animals currently so that’s not an issue.

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I think if you check, unless you have an expensive persian or wool rug, they are all polyester. You can hose any of them off. Ruggable seems gimmicky to me. Most large things aren’t easily machine washable no matter what they are made of due to size.

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Little known fact about Persian, Turkish, Middle Eastern rugs, carpets etc:

Yes you can hose them down, and the more expensive (better quality) they are, the better that treatment works. Well made wool carpets are far more durable than you think.

Your average traditional Turkish housewife would never, ever, have polyester or nylon in the house, always wool and often these rugs and kilims are handed down in families.

In my old neighbourhood in Istanbul there was a guy in a van used to come round every so often, and folks would bring out their rugs and carpets to be power washed and scrubbed. Never did them the slightest bit of harm and some of them, I know for a fact, were well over one hundred years old; but you’d never think that, as the colours were as good as one made yesterday.

These guys seem to know what they’re doing :wink:


We’ve got a couple of Turkish rugs in each living room of the apartments, both twenty odd years old and despite having been jetted a few times, look as good as new.



We had a 4x6 (or 5x7, I forget which) Ruggable rug. The Ruggable surface isn’t soft, like a rug typically is.

Yes, it’s machine washable. However, we found after washing it once that it was difficult to reconnect the top layer to the bottom layer without ending up with lumps. It took two of us to do that, and even then it wasn’t perfect. And after we washed it twice, it was even harder to put it back together.

After three washings, the Ruggable was misshapen and impossible to put the two layers together without lumps. We threw the rug away.


Thanks for the feedback!

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Thanks for the ruggable feedback!

Also, if anyone is reading this thread and needs to make an ABB claim, remember NOT to say it was dog pee, ABB does not cover pet damages. You did not see it happen, so just assume and act like it was the guest who left their bodily fluids behind :wink:


Yes! I have Persian rugs that I hand wash annually, to the amusement of my City neighbors. I just lay them, one at a time, on my sloping driveway, hose them down, sponge mop with very mild detergent, rinse, squeegie “dry”,then hang over porch railings to dry. My newest 2 are 30+ years old. One is flawed now, but still beautiful at 70+ :slight_smile:

Ruggable brand rugs are designed to be washed. They have a backing that adheres to the rug until you pull up the rug to wash it. Great for dog urine.

Yeah, for a persian rug, sponge mopping with a mild detergent will do good but it’s not totally advisable.

I’d suggest you get a capable hand… Maybe a professional carpet and rug cleaner within your locality.


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