Urgent - HA / TA calendar sync ignores airbnb block dates?

If you are a user of Homeaway or Tripadvisor Rentals/Flipkey and you import your airbnb calendar, could you please verify if this affects you -

Problem: Syncing (import) with airbnb calendar from HA/TA does not reflect days which are manually blocked on airbnb calendar.

Example 1 : A few days ago we blocked off a day on airbnb calendar for cleaning. However, going to Tripadvisor calendar - which we had previously set to sync with airbnb - shows that day as being available. More worryingly, Re-syncing does not correct it.

Example 2 : We had manually blocked off a week on our airbnb calendar to account for a TAR/Flipkey booking. However, the Homeaway calendar does not recognize it, and shows that week as being available. Re-syncing does not correct it.

By the way, 9flats calendar sync was fine - reflected all blocked dates correctly.

Look at these screenshots - all the manually blocked dates on airbnb are not being reflected on HA.

PS We obviously haven’t found a way to sync prices… lol

No one had the same problem? Just wanted to make sure if it wasn’t just us

It’s a common issue and something that might help you is a channel manager. A channel manager is a centralized calendar that allows you to block dates, change prices and see the reservations in one single interface. There are a few of them out there, but Hostaway is the one that we’ve built.