Update to listings; no notifications coming through

Is anyone else experiencing this? Having been unable to edit over the w/e, I’ve now managed to do so but haven’t received any email notifications from Air.

You’re talking about email notifications after your edits or from guests?

Definitely after edits.

For me it depends on the edit. I get it when I do the images or parts of the description and even those delay as well. Sometimes it takes a day until I get the email notification from AB.

Until this w/e. so after their new “offering”… I would receive an email almost immediately post an edit; at the latest 10 minutes, with the question " is this you? For security reasons" etc etc. Having spoken to Himself, just home from work, he recollected working on contract for British Gas/ Centrica, one of the UK’s biggest energy supplier rip off merchants, sorry, suppliers. They were updating their outdated systems, with a new billing system, sorry, improving their “offering” to customers and had to decide on one of two pathways; either do it for half the cost and piss many customers off, or do it in a more considered manner. Guess which pathway they chose to follow? We think Air is doing pretty much the same thing. Hence K9 receiving emails in French! Apart from anything else, it seems like they have overloaded their servers.

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