Update on the Honeymooners from J

Thanks for waiting, supporters and new friends:

The Honeymooners accepted the upgrade. The gardener and I gussied it up a bit my with flowers, lamps, special bead spreads, hid the cleaning supplies and rearranged the bottled water counter.

We didn’t see them after that and they left without saying goodbye.

Left us a all 5 starts except a four star for value (upgraded to a cabin 30% more expensive): "Jay at Sloth Club was wonderful! She was very accommodating and full of local info. The view is wonderful and the beach is beautiful!! Thanks for a great start to our honeymoon!!! "



formerly pereso, Jay

Imagine the rating if they had stayed in the original spot. :anguished:

Glad this worked out for you, and thank you very much for letting us know the end of the story.


Thanks for the update. Value is so subjective as I was just saying on another thread. I don’t think there is much we can do about that or location ratings. And it really is situational. Over Labor Day weekend I added $20 a night to my rate due to an EDM fest in my town. I had two last minute bookings one for Saturday, one for Sunday. I was expecting to downgraded on value but wasn’t and one couple made a point of telling me how happy they were to find such a nice place at half of the hotel price. I told them they got lucky because of a week before cancellation. If they hadn’t checked hotel prices first I probably wouldn’t have seemed like such a value.

@smtucker - and got to send note to snotty company looking after my friend. Worth the $5! :smiley: