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Update on percale sheets

In the last year I upgraded to a line of 415TC Percale sheets by Peru Pima. They sell them on Amazon as well as their own website. They were recommended here by (I think) @Arlene_Larsson. I do a lot of turnovers but 99% of the time I take the sheets off, wash them and put them right back on the bed so these sheets have been laundered at least 60 times since I purchased them in May. Last week I noticed a small hole in the corner of one pillowcase. It could be dog or cat related (a claw or tooth) or snagged on something else. I went online to see about buying a replacement pair of pillowcases and noticed that the Amazon ad said they have a lifetime guarantee if they ever rip or pull. So I emailed them on 9/26 via Amazon and included a picture of the hole and my order number. I was sent a reply within hours and my replacement set of pillowcases arrived today.

As discussed in another thread on sheets, these aren’t the least expensive sheets on the market but for a good weight percale which is sold as a luxury sheet, they were reasonable. If you sign up on their website you can get 15% off the first order or you can watch Amazon for a sale. I got one queen set on sale for $80.

So if anyone is looking for a nice set of sheets (they also have higher thread count sateens) with outstanding customer service I recommend them.


Oh! I bought the same sheets based on @Arlene_Larsson’s recommendation and if I could afford it I would replace every set I have with these sheets. I love them! Good to know they stand by them.

(Just a note, they felt weird out of the package, but after a washing they have that CRISP percale hand that I love.)


Are the towels supposed to be equally good?

I haven’t tried their towels.

Thanks for the resource. I’m a percale fan for reasons you mentioned. I’m curious, do you use white sheets? I do, but haven’t felt that I can bleach them effectively and have found an older set losing it’s crisp whiteness. I rotate in new ones, but would like these to last…

I do. There’s a product that I use periodically called Out that’s the brand) White Brite. I haven’t used it yet on these sheets though. I’ve also read that whiteness can be related to hard water versus soft water.


That is good to hear that they actually stand behind their product/guarantee. Luckily none of ours have ripped or anything yet. I did write them in the hopes they would sell me some open stock pillowcases or just flat sheets. They replied right away and it was a no go. :frowning: I recently bought a couple of sets of LL Bean pillowcases and they seem pretty nice but pretty pricey. To be honest I wish I could still get the Martha Stewart percale sheets I used to buy at Macy’s. They are still my favorite but have pretty much all worn out by now and they no longer sell them…and Macy’s stores are closing right and left around here. I do love the Pima Peru, they are just a little more expensive than the Martha sheets were, and the Martha sheets you could buy open stock.


We use white sheets and use Oxiclean and that seems to keep them bright. We don’t use bleach at all as it yellows the fabric and eventually will eat holes in it.


They now sell pillowcases separately. I don’t know about just flat or fitted separately.


They do??? OMG, that is life changing!!! LOL. Seriously, sometimes these little things can really make me happy.


Oh dear…$49 for 2 pillowcases. I don’t think I’ll be buying those. :frowning:

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That’s such odd pricing! The whole set is only $89!!

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No, not cheap. But cheaper than a new set of sheets. I’ve only had these since May. But I tend to think of things in terms like this: These sheets are twice as expensive as some I’ve bought. But I really like them. So a rough way to think of it is, if I raise my price $1, and book 200 nights a year I can buy 2 sets a year. In reality I raised my prices 20% this year and I’ve upgraded a lot. So I’ve spent more than the extra $2-3000 I’ll make this year but I think it’s going to be profitable in the next year.


Actually, maybe not. I spent $800 on tile, $400 on shutters, $50 on a Keurig and $200 on sheets. I don’t have any more outlays planned. I feel those investments pay off in making it feel like a 5 star place so I continue bringing in the bookings and the good reviews.


I love this stuff for really hard-to-clean whites. It stinks, but really does the job.

Whites will yellow over time. Bluing (literally a little blue dye) will counteract the yellowing. So if you use a laundry detergent that is not blue, you will see the yellowing. You can get a bluing agent and treat them periodically.


Thanks for the tips - both sound great!

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We have 6 beds, and we’re so busy over the summer same day turnovers. We buy from VR Supplies. Not fancy just good quality durable commercial hotel sheets and nice towels. Everything is sold separately so much easier to replenish. Agree with Arlene Oxi clean is better than bleach. Bleach dulls cotton after awhile.


I got excited about this guarantee but couldn’t find it on Amazon. Closest i saw was

“100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE : Our #1 top priority is to provide you with the best bedding products at fair prices, with an exceptional customer service and support. We are dedicated to ensure you have an amazing customer experience from the moment you place an order until you sleep in your products. Try our products and if you donÕt absolutely love them, simply return them within 30 days for a full refund.”

I have bought white towels from Walmart that are very inexpensive. They have worn very well and served me well. As i do not consider my bnb as luxurious, I don’t invest heavily in towels. I believe my level of quality linens is good value for my price point.

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Is your comment directed to me? @Suz-in-Boston?

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