Update my airbnb app?

i got a guest request today, and right after their request and message, i got a message apparently from airbnb in that same thread (altho the message was in fact shown)

“this message can’t be shown because you’re using an older version of the airbnb app. please update the app.”

when i click on the underlined update, i get “webpage not available. the webpage at market://details?id-com.airbnb.androids&hide_nav-true&platform=android could not be loaded because: net::err_unknown_url_scheme”

this is a message from airbnb, i assume. my app is the latest one (i checked on google play), so i’m not sure wtf is going on here.

does anybody have a similar issue?

NEVER EVER NEVER click on a link INSIDE the message. If your app needs updating, when you go to use it, a popup will appear and tell you there is a newer version of the app and then send you to your version of an app store to update the app. It will NEVER tell you you can’t see a message. It will tell you to update for best use of the app.

If, as I suspect, the URL to update the app was IN the request Message thread, you’ve most likely been hacked.

Change your ABB password immediately and contact ABB CS along with a screenshot.

BLOCK them and REPORT them.


The bad guys are creative with ways to steal your information. It’s a variation of the bank text “Your Bank of America account has been compromised. Use this link to change your email.” I received this message dozens of time-I don’t have a Bank of America account.

Millions & millions of people have Airbnb accounts so a blind text message is bound to hit some people with Airbnb accounts.

I hate this happened to you.

@casailinglady Gave you good advice to change your password & contact Airbnb.

Thank you for sharing your story. You’ve probably saved someone else from being hacked.


i’m sorry, but i must have misled you. this was on my airbnb app inbox, inserted into the message thread between me and the guest. it was not on a notification email or anything like that. it was within the app. if i’ve been hacked, it was by airbnb itself. so i’m still in the dark about what it means, but i’ll just go to airbnb and ask them. i was interested to see if it had happened to anybody else.

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Then go to your App Store on your phone and check the Updates section and if it needs to be updated, do so.

NEVER click on a link - even one in an AirBnB message box - was it ringed in black?

I’ve seen App Update messages, but I ignore them until I can get to my laptop.

I just started getting this message about needing to update the app too! But no matter how many times I update it, the message comes back again. Ugh, it’s so Airbnb. I rarely look at the app anyway so am going to ignore for awhile and hope that it doesn’t affect me getting notifications.

thank you for confirming that the same thing has happened to you. i guess it’s rare, since nobody but we two recognize this. the app did not need updating it, and i didn’t bother to delete the app altogether, nor to contact airbnb with the problem.

the message disappeared once i’d been back and forth with the guest several times, and they actually came to stay. i haven’t seen it again with the next guests. who knows what it was.

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It either finally updated itself or was resolved otherwise, but it’s gone now for me too.