Unusual guest. Thinking of not leaving a review

I accepted an odd booking. The inquiry said the guest was looking to book one day a month for 3 months, then possibly two days a month thereafter, but only for the hours 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Then informed me that guest and partner were “responsible adults.” Hmmm. I replied that I didn’t book partial stays, each stay would be a full day charge and must be booked through Airbnb platform. That was OK with them, so I pre-approved with a message that they could not meet with clients on the property. I was at work, never saw them. They left everything neat, but I kind of want to check them out a little more, without being obnoxious about it. I’m on IB, so I’m thinking I would rather not leave them a review so they have to contact me again and can’t just instant book. They just weren’t forthcoming at all about what it is they are doing here. Is it any of my business? What would you do?

Hello no tell motel!
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Wouldn’t 8 am to 6 pm be TWO days? You can’t book the night before or that night, so they should pay for two nights.

I assume you have “No illegal activities” in your house rules.



You need to realize we book nights, not days. 8AM - 6PM blocks the night before and the night after. So 2 nights at least.


The one day 8-6 works for me because I block a day in between for turnover anyway (full time day job, can’t do a departure and arrival in the same day). So I can offer flex check in. I actually unblocked the next day and got what was for me an extra booking.
At first I thought “Affair? Or possibly a – ahem – professional with a steady client?!” So I was curious and made some observations – bed was rumpled but not turned down or slept in, like it was just sat on. Shower didn’t seem wet, but several damp towels (including a bath towel!) were left. So – passionate sweaty affair with alternate location sex (like up against the wall)? Or secretive business start up attracted by my speedy wifi (at probably less than the hourly rate for a temp business office rental) and involving . . . some washing up after a commute? Also I got several chatty texts – traffic was heavy, they were going out to lunch, etc., which didn’t seem surreptitious enough for illicit sexy time.
Never a dull moment in Airbnb business!

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Well, thanks for the lusty suggestions. I’m sure everyone enjoyed them.

Yes, I guess I’ll go watch Bachelorette now or do something equally tawdry . . .

If it was me I’d be VERY tempted by the hidden camera thing … can’t abide a mystery I dont know the answer to.

Something that does occur to me … do they bring laptops? Writers needing somewhere quiet away from home/office to work on a project?

I often ask guests the reason for their visit. This is to make sure our location is a good fit. I would have done that before I accepted the reservation. They don’t have to tell the truth but with such an unusual request I’d have asked.
Just be curious George!

Sounds like a good gig, I’d take it.