Unusual Guest Booking

Hello Everyone, it’s my first time posting here and I would like to know if anyone has had a similar experience.

I’ve just had a guest book with me and when I went into the details of the booking it came up with “Error, you do not have permission to access this resource”. I thought it was weird so went to see the actual dates the person has booked and instead of showing their profile and the dates booked out, it shows up as “unavailable” and a mark through it. It looks exactly like when I block dates off. Please can someone explain to me if they have encountered this. Because I’m new to AIRBNB I’m now feeling uneasy about the booking.

Air must be trying to save money for all those new shareholders and sent maintenance for their horrible software offshore.

Seriously, Air has frequent software glitches. Try logging out, restarting your browser, and logging back in. If you’re one a phone, try using the web site from a computer. You should always be able to use either, but the computer site is much better for hosts and has stuff missing from the app.


Nordling House - Thank you so much for helping me. I went to our computer and signed in from there and all the information came up. Thanks so much for telling me this.


Welcome, you’ll find lots of good advice here.

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You’re welcome! I hope that you continue looking here for information. It will be well worth your time to browse the posts and discussions here, so that you can avoid the perpetual arguments about bed linens and small kitchen appliances and what guests can do to/with them. :wink:

One very important thing about Air is that any kind of internet outage can suddenly leave you without any AirBnB info! We have all learned that it’s extremely important to save all the info for every booking on your PC as soon as the booking occurs. Most of use use a spreadsheet to track bookings, city room tax, and our income. I always copy the phone number there, and put it in my phone too, so I see the name when the phone rings.

And the phone app is limited. Sometimes Air changes software on their web site without making changes in the phone app, and vice versa. We had one incident a few months ago when a large number of bookings were accidentally cancelled, and their phone system was overwhelmed by both guests and hosts. So you need to save guest info offline!

Some here prefer to use the app with tablet or phone, but I only use the phone to check info, rarely to enter it. I have the app on the phone just for Air messaging when I’m away from the house.

And another thing — you want to keep all communication with guests on the Air messaging system, so that if you have a problem with a guest, all the info is in the system where the Air customer disservice person can see it when talking to you. Texting or talking on the phone doesn’t cut it with them.

Enjoy your new adventure!