Unread Posts on This Forum

Okay, I might be a bit OCD.

This forum keeps telling me there are 32 unread posts. I don’t want ANY unread posts.

I click the Unread filter, and the list is endless. If I click on the first item in the list and scroll around, the number of unread posts never decreases. If I hunt through the list to find a topic with a highlighted turquoise number and click on it, the number of unread posts never decreases.

Clearly I have too much time on my hands.

I think there are some settings you can adjust that will help. Also I know looking on my phone gives me a different result than being on a computer.

Thanks. Always looking for ways to make myself less crazy.

I was doing this too @RebeccaF and ended up changing my settings to only show new posts and not to show if I had been liked. I found myself going in just to see “Ooh, what random stranger on the internet liked me today?!?” Ridiculous. Haha. Now I feel a tad less neurotic … just a tad :wink:

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I’d go for a tad. That’s an improvement.

@KKC and @LCL: For anyone who is OCD enough (like me) to care about Unread posts on this forum, I figured out how to clear them.

It’s time-consuming, and perhaps ideal for nights when you can’t sleep. But doable.

On the front page, look at Unread near the top of the page. If it has a number, you have some Unread posts.

Click Unread near the top of the page. That will display the list of threads with unread posts. Scroll through each post, from top to bottom, because you don’t know where all the unread posts are in that thread. Then go back to the front page. You should see the Unread number decrement by 1 or more. Go through each unread thread that way. Definitely takes a while.

It’s cathartic.

Of course, Airbnb-wise, it’s probably ever so much smarter to spend the time doing laundry or contacting previous guests. But still.

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Sorry I was busy 9 days ago. I looked at this again just now when you tagged me to find the “settings” I referenced. I think this is what you need. Click unread and then dismiss if you just want to reset everything and not actually read them.

Since becoming a moderator I read virtually every post so forgot about this. If this isn’t what you are talking about, my apologies.

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