Unlike Vrbo, Airbnb does not let host know when the guest paid the reservation

Is there a way to check if the guest paid the booking on Airbnb? I know Vrbo gives the exact date when the guest pays but I could not find it on Airbnb. So if a reservation is “confirmed” on Airbnb, do I assume that the guest already made the payment? The reason I ask is because after I altered an already confirmed guest’s reservation to add another day, I got this message from Airbnb:

“The attempt to charge your guest, ***, for the amount due for reservation *** was unsuccessful. The reservation is still active at this time, and we’ve sent *** an email alert with a direct way to pay the balance.
If your guest successfully submits payment, we’ll send you a confirmation email right away. If you have questions about the payment problem, you can reach out to your guest.
If your guest doesn’t successfully submit payment or if they cancel the reservation before making the payment, Airbnb isn’t liable for issuing your host payout. If you prefer to cancel the reservation, you can [cancel without penalty] at any time before the trip begins. If the reservation has started and you’d like to cancel, please [send us a note].
We appreciate your understanding.
The Airbnb team”

I have yet to received a confirmation email from Airbnb that they paid. But when I look at the reservation (2.5 weeks away), it was updated with the new dates and it shows “Confirmed”. If guests don’t pay I surely don’t want them at my place. Now I have no way to check to see if they pay unless calling Airbnb, which I’m not fond of because of the long wait time.

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Check your payment history.

When you go to “reservations” and it says confirmed, this means they paid. You can click on the “Details” button, and see the reservation confirmation code, that the guests receive. Airbnb doesn’t release the funds to the host until after check-in, and then it can take a couple of days for the money to hit your bank account.

Also, a great indicator if a guest has paid is just by looking at the calendar. Are dates blocked off in green and do they say “confirmed”? This means they’ve paid. If they are blocked off in RED, there is a problem with the guest payment going through.

I just had this happen to me two days ago, funny enough. I had an instant booking come through, then right away an email from ABB sent to me saying the payment had failed and the guest had 24 hours to change/fix payment method. His dates were shown on the Calendar in RED. He immediately changed his payment method and the reservation then confirmed and turned green.

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I appreciate your responses. Thank you!

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If they haven’t paid, it will say “Awaiting Payment” next to their reservation instead of “Confirmed” and all of the stuff @yecatsr said…

They do get 24 hours to rectify the payment, but some hosts who don’t care for this system have successfully gotten the reservation cancelled instead, I think @RiverRock?

I wouldn’t hold your breath, I’ve never received any such email! :woman_shrugging: :roll_eyes:

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