Unemployment - feeling guilty

Hi, all. We’ve been collecting over $800 a month in unemployment for our Airbnb, since March. I’m feeling a little guilty about it. As older folks we have opted to keep the airbnb closed until we get vaccined, even though that’ll be a while. But sometimes I worry that I’m taking $$ away from people who need it more.


Don’t feel guilty.

Guessing you are in the USA: Unemployment for the self employed is being Temporarily provided by government funding.

You have contributed taxes and more to “the system” for years. After years of funding others, you need assistance. Accept the assistance during this difficult time.

This is temporary and when a vaccine is available you will once again be a contributor.

(FYI my attitude on this isn’t new. During nursing school (BS-N) another student was terribly upset she was going to have to use social services for daycare, food support, and healthcare for her two children or drop out. I supported her use of the system. She was getting an education that would position her to make a better wage And elevate her skills.)


Don’t feel guilty, we get taxed up the nose here in the USA with high property taxes, sales tax, state tax, local tax, federal tax, gas tax, etc. You paid into the system, it’s about time you collect on it.


I didn’t apply until this past week. At first, I felt I don’t depend on the income so I won’t apply. I also thought/hoped my Airbnb and dog business wouldn’t be affected for so long. As cases skyrocket in my state(TX) and travel restrictions are spreading I decided to go ahead and apply. I don’t feel guilty about it or any of the other multitude of government programs. Our society has programmed us to feel that people who take/need government assistance are “less than.” Don’t buy into the BS.


No need to feel guilty. Your govt. doesn’t feel at all guilty about hand-outs to multi-billion dollar companies and rich individuals.
If you are getting more than you need and want to re-apportion the wealth, donate some to a charity that is helping the poor. Perhaps to organizations which offer services to the homeless, who have been hard hit by the pandemic.


Except corporate welfare recipients, of course. They feel quite entitled.


If I could :hearts: your post ten million times, I would. Whilst not in a position to claim any benefits in the UK whilst closed, we have saved so much by not eating out, not going to the pub, and zillions on Mr Joan’s commute costs to London. Feeling guilt, we have begun to donate to local food banks and a project that supplies period sanitary products to people in dire need, including for the local immigrant detention centre in Dover.

I have also gone through Mr J’s hidden, by me, laptop collection for donation to schools. We have pupils who have little or no access to on-line learning whilst schools are closed.

I doubt he’ll notice they have gone!


Thank you and thank all of you who have responded. Yes, I’m in the states, where we still have large #s of folks getting the virus (as you know). Anyway, I have been donating and I can donate more, so I will. Thanks again.


Our total taxes are much lower than in Europe and in many other countries. The differences is that in prosperous countries (as in Europe) people get much more for those taxes, including free university or technical education, free or very low cost healthcare, and generous defined benefit pensions.

OTOH poor and developing countries with high taxes often have high tax fraud or non-filing problem, so the high rates are not effective. See Greece and Mexico.

Here in the US we have a low overall tax rate compared to Europe, especially for the extremely wealthy, who buy the politicians that are screwing the American middle class. THAT is going to hit the fan in November.

I just got done doing 3 years worth of bookkeeping catchup and am applying for PUA unemployment tonight. Health issues keep me from doing anything other than remote work.


@NordlingHouse In Mexico, most taxes are actually quite low. Which is a good thing, because the infrastructure leaves a lot to be desired. And there is a lot of corruption.
There is 16% sales tax on goods and services. But my property tax bill is the equivalent of about $25 US/year. The tax I pay on my upholstery business is about 3%.

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Don’t feel guilty; you’ve paid into the system for umpteen years so why not reap the benefit of all those payments, you’re entitled (in the true sense of the word) to the money.

Here in Spain, we got no help from the government whatsoever. That said, we were neither looking for nor expecting any so it wasn’t a major disappointment.

There are many small businesses, like us, in the same position and whether they will survive beyond the end of summer is anybody’s guess. There are already a number that haven’t reopened, including one of our favourite tabancos.



In the UK, and we’re still part of Europe (just…) the only real benefit is the NHS, what’s left of it after a decade of gov’t cuts.

University education is no longer free, subject to market forces and student loans. Students leave with their degrees but saddled by debt, that many have no hope of paying off. Technical education has been cut to the bone, resulting in severe skill shortages.

When I trained as a nurse in the early '70s, I was paid a monthly salary; meagre, but enough to live on. Since the so called Project 2000, nurse training moved to University degrees for RN’s,initially with bursaries but now with student loans. Hence the build up to 40,000 vacancies and recruitment overseas, from countries barely able to cope with losing their health care staff. I’ve known many young people unable to afford entering the health professions. or able to rely on the bank of mum and dad

Our state pension is one of the lowest in Europe, although it has improved over the last decade, many believing to the detriment of younger generations. My generation is one of the last to have defined benefit pensions; most of these have all but disappeared from the private sector, and increasingly so from the public sector.

When I claimed my NHS pension last year, I had a huge fight on my hands to prove that I had worked in mental health for years, which carried a significant premium. The management of the NHS Superannuation scheme had been hived off to the private sector: Capita, I think, or commonly known as Crapita, who behaved as if it was their money.

As for local housing taxes, don’t get me started. Our monthly outgoing is well over 200 quid.

I could go on about the appalling levels of poverty that people in need of state benefits, even those in work, are experiencing, but I think I would be reduced to tears of despair.


If I have a full time job can I collect unemployment for my Airbnb loss? I had no idea. Don’t feel guilty, we pay soooooo much in taxes, that’s your money.

No. It has to be your primary job.

The US has the exact socialist economy that the R’s complain about… only it’s socialism for the rich only. Have a look at some close to donald that received money that was meant to help small business and low income during this period. If you’re able to manage some crumbs, take them.


Hi does anyone have an airbnb in British columbia Canada? I am here and have had 20,000 loss with no relief. Can I get the cerb even though I am a nurse and am working? My place is for sale now that I cannot rent it out regularly. Very sad.

@Rachael52 Can I ask you what you provided to unemployment to get that $800. My Airbnb was mostly seasonal and the most I made in one month was $1,500 to $2,000. Do you think I would qualify?

I have lived in a number of different countries, including three in Europe. The highest taxes I ever paid was when I lived in California: 46% of my income. I didn’t even have health insurance or own a home.

When I lived in London and Switzerland I had excellent healthcare, lower taxes and fewer worries about crime, pollution, etc. etc.

Go figure.

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I don’t know how we manage to do it but we got 200 something for regular unemployment to make up for our lost income and then the government gives everyone an additional $600 but I think that’s going to end very soon. Look under PUA or pandemic unemployment assistance, if you are in the states.

Don’t be guilty. It is YOUR MONEY. You have been paying into the system for years.