Understanding Guest Pricing

I’m new to AirBnb and my first booking request has come in! It shows me hosting two nights for $366 - $11 service fee. The potential guest says she is wondering if the price of $411 will stay the same since sometimes prices change as she approaches check out.

What is changing the price from $366 to $411? I have no cleaning fee, no extra guest fees or anything right now. Why is the guest being shown a price $45 more than what I am seeing?

The guest is charged a 12% service fee by AirBNB. [I might have the percent wrong. Someone will let me know if that is the case.]

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Ah! So I get a small service fee and the guest gets a service fee as well. Thank you!

The percentage that Airbnb charges the guest varies depending on the price of the stay. It is my understanding that Airbnb charges a lower percent on a higher priced stay.

To the original poster. I routinely have guests ask me what their total cost will be. I always answer that don’t have the ability to answer their question as I don’t have the ability to see the Airbnb fee they are paying.

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You can see how much a guest pays by picking some open dates on your
calendar, temporarily changing your prices to what the guests in
question are paying, preview your listing and ‘book’ those days. You can
see the exact service fee they will pay. Don’t forget to change the
prices back to what they should be.

I wouldn’t do that. For starters; for me it’s too much work. Second, if I tell the guest an incorrect price for any reason they might believe that I am responsible to make up the difference.

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Actually the % changes. It can be as low as 6%. It depends on length and other factors.

This question always bugs me. It is what it is.

Maybe they think they’re somehow going to be charged more once they get here? I don’t get it. I feel stupid telling them to go through the motions of almost booking and see what it says, because they’ve already done that.

I always respond that I don’t have access to that information - that they have to read their booking confirmation. It will be detailed there.

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