Under the Age of 18

Hi, My friends and are are looking to go on a trip for a couple of days and had a couple of questions. We have just finished school and are all under the age of 18, when using an AirBnB would we be allowed to get our parents to book the airbnb and then explain and ask the host if it is okay for us to stay.

Airbnb does not support 3rd party booking. The reality is that it does occur, with some hosts being ok with it and some not. FYI - this site is a forum for Airbnb hosts and not part of Airbnb.

I can tell you that as a host, I would absolutely not allow it. I would want responsible adults on site to supervise. No offense, but when a bunch of teenagers get together they often try to outdo each other and that’s where the problems begin.

@AvaH Thank-you for your honesty, it helps a lot we as a group are just collectively trying to decide if we would be accepted by a host. Your opinion as a host was most helpful. Jacqui :slight_smile: