Uncomfortable guest wants a refund

I have two guests that checked-in last night into my 2 person suite. They had let me know in advance ( they booked a month ago) that it was for their 5 year anniversary celebration, so we even left them an anniversary gift and set up the room for them. The husband messaged me last night when they arrived letting me know how much he loved the gift and how nice everything was. Fast forward to the next morning, I get a long message from the husband saying his wife did not feel comfortable in the suite (ande ven slept in a different place) and that he wants a 50% refund? I have a strict cancellation policy and this would be the first time someone cancels on me.

Ignore it. Unless you know that there’s something very wrong with the accommodation - which there clearly isn’t - let them take it up with Airbnb.

Tell your guest politely that the matter is beyond your control and that they’ll have to liaise with Airbnb.


yeah, ignore. let them call ABB and fight it. You did your part and more.


Here’s guessing there won’t be a 10 year anniversary. LOL.

I wouldn’t “ignore” any guest message. I’d reply that you have a strict policy and that there is no refund. Or I might say there is only a 50% refund if you can rebook the place if he wants to cancel. He messed up and is trying to get you to pay for part of his mistake. Not your circus, not your monkeys.


Unless the guest experienced a qualified travel issue as defined by Airbnb, they would not be entitled to a refund without first trying to consult the host about the issue. The unilaterally decided to abandon their accommodations and find new ones so they are solely responsible for that. If your place was just a complete dump or there was a major issue with your place and they took pictures, the guest might be entitled to a refund.

I would explain the policies to the guest and give them links to the travel issue page on Airbnb and the cancellation policy page.


I bet she was expecting something really special and she got a room in a house and she stomped her little foot and flounced off…nothing was about what you offered…just not what she was expecting!


Sounds like the little twit I had three weeks ago. She had meltdowns every morning for four days.
They left early WITH NO REFUND! Let them leave and just say no refund. Ungrateful jerks


The final straw was when he gave her the gift the host left - some soap or a candle - and said it was from him.


Out of interest what was she uncomfortable about?


I’m not sure. He didn’t specify in the message he sent. He said they walked in the room once and his wife did not feel comfortable…


I told him I was sorry about his wife but that there will be no refund due to my strict cancellation policy. He just replied “Ok”…


You’ll be hearing more from him :laughing:

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Did it look like this? creepy%20dolls%20on%20bed%202


Nope. No refund they are ‘trying it on’

Good one! A sense of humour is frequently in need on this site!!

I had a parent and teenager visiting colleges and the teen freaked out and didn’t sleep the first night and they left. Sad she had such anxiety issues, but not my fault and no refund due. As others said, just say no. If there were issues like bugs or cleanliness they might have a claim and of course via Airbnb, but that isn’t the problem with your losing I’m sure. The only question is a nasty review in retaliation. Part of hosting I’m afraid.

He is use to replying like that but with “honey” at the end :joy:


Gosh, I was getting used to missing the sexist jokes of my childhood. Thanks for the blast from the past.

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They will not be returning so there is no future business to preserve. No refund needed.

I think he had a big fight with his wife and is trying to make you pay for part of the rental.

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