Uncertain about reviewing a guest

We are new to hosting this summer and have had about 12 bookings with relatively no problems. Our space is our English basement apartment, and we live upstairs. We had guests in last weekend and I’m unsure how to review, namely because:
-they were very slow in responding to messages. Did not respond to inquiry about check in time, which wouldn’t have bothered me but then:
-they extended for another night and I sent the extension through airbnb the night before their original check out time. I received no acceptance, not even after check out time. My husband kindly reminded them upon their arrival that evening, of the extended day, that they had to accept the extension. Which they promptly did, but I was stressing it all day :roll_eyes:
-they had their daughter staying with them at least one, and we suspect possibly for several, evening. We have a three person limit, and $10 extra per evening for more than two people staying.

That said, they were otherwise fine and left place clean. He (booker) had no reviews but had been on air for several years. He also kept claiming tech ineptitude, but I was skeptical. Do I take into account the fact that perhaps they may have been airbnb’ing for first time, and not mention these things in review, but let him know in messages?
Thanks, unsure how to proceed!

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There are TWO parts to the Review – the public and the private. Publicly you might say "Nice guests but they need to work on their communication skills, especially check-in times.

Privately you can say “Please READ all of the listing details and House Rules about number of guests allowed before you arrive. AirBnb is not an hotel open 24/7 for guest convenience, these are our private homes. Technical ineptitude is no excuse for violating the AirBnb Terms Of Service.”


Have they reviewed you in the first place?

If not, what is the need for you to leave them a review?

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Thanks, appreciate the sound advice!