Unable to rearrange VRBO photos

I’ve tried to set up my VRBO listing. I seem to have approval pending on the payments thing - presumably they will check my bank account details. So the listing is not live yet.

I uploaded some photos. However, I was surprised to find that, unlike Airbnb

  • I can’t rearrange my photos

  • There is no indication which photo is going to be the main photo in my profile.

Will this change when my listing is live? Clarifications appreciated.

Click and drag to change the order of your photos.

and =
Thumbnail Photo Click and drag one of your photos into this slot to set it as your thumbnail.

I got stopped at this stage because they needed photos to be a certain size. What a dumb restriction!

resizing is a breeze and only takes a moment,

  • If you are on a MAC, pull up your JPG and use the “tools” section on the top bar.
  • Another choice is to upload to PicMonkey ( use the free version ) and resize it there. You can also do some free basic editing on PicMonkey to make photos look better
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I don’t see any option that says “Click and Drag”. And I’ve tried that, of course. And my display doesn’t look anything like yours. It’s not numbered, for one thing. Maybe this all happens after the listing goes live?

Wow, thanks Georgy!..

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Are your photos too big or too small? There are tons of resizing options. I mostly use the GIMP.

maybe…of course you are in India and it could differ.
Wait until it goes live and then I can take a peek again.