Unable to log in from usual IP address

Lately every time I try to log in to this forum I get a message stating unable to log in from this ip address. Same thing if I try to open a new account. Everything works as usual if I log in from a different isp. Have not had this problem with other websites.

May be related to having two user IDs. Having two IDs is a violation of forum TOS and maybe the system is blocking you. No moderator has taken any action on your account however.


I remember about a year ago my wife signed up but she can’t remember the I’d or password. How can I check it and delete it to see if it was that
causing the problem?

I’m not sure. Let me PM you.

I do not think that is the problem as I have logged in a few times in past year without a problrm?

I don’t have other ideas about what the issue might be. However, due to some recent issues on the forum Tom might have changed some settings. If you need further help you can message him @tom2.

Followed the link @tom2 but could not see where to message

Blue button in upper right corner.

Are you using a VPN like Nord?

No, but I am referring to my regular ip address through my isp. I am able to log in through VPN’s. though. It would just be more convenient were I able to use my regular isp.

Yeah, sounds like your ISP’s IP got beaned. #Awkward

Here’s another weird one. I’m usually in Mexico, but when I go to Canada, I’ll get an email from Airbnb saying that my account was signed into from another device. Except I’m still using the exact same device- my laptop. But the IP address is obviously different. So why doesn’t it say my account has been logged into from a different IP address, rather than device?

I believe he was speaking to Airhost forum not ABB.

Sounds like they’re confused about the difference in cookies and IP addresses? Usually a cookie is set to identify your device specifically.