Un-reviewed Stay - Airbnb is now asking for feedback

I recently went on vacation and used Airbnb for my accommodation and had the opportunity to experience the review process from a guest perspective. For part of my trip I booked the same apartment twice as it was close to the airport. Airbnb prompted me to write two reviews for this apartment as these were two separate stays. I decided to only write one review and left the other request pending (reason why merits another thread). When the time to write the second review elapsed Airbnb sent me an email asking the following:

As soon as I ticked one of the options Airbnb thanked me for the feedback. I wonder what Airbnb is doing with this data for un-reviewed stays.


They have five adjectives so it’s probably connected to the five star review system. Perhaps if more guests choose this format, it might become the standard. Probably a test period.

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I don’t know but maybe

Another option is seeking to determine if guests tend to NOT leave a review for stays when they are happy, unhappy, or neutral.

Or if people who didn’t review before will answer a shorter review. There are a couple of threads mentioning how difficult/ long the guest review of the host / rental is.


I got one of these after staying at a place in Seattle. It came after I chose not to review the host.

It was a bad stay, so I was super happy to speak my mind privately.

Here’s one. How many times have you stayed in w hotel, motel, etc and felt GREAT about it?



Interesting question—last month I stayed at a hotel in Toronto that I felt GREAT about. However for what my employer paid for 2 nights, I could have paid my mortgage for a month.

Usually my employer doesn’t pay for posh travel housing but we were meeting with a client at that hotel.

I’m happy at a hotel if my bed is comfortable, my room cool & clean & I feel reasonably safe. I don’t care about much else. I think our Airbnb guests tend to look for more.

Most of my Airbnb guests want a nice stay but not interested in spending a month of mortgage for a night or two.


I find this intriguing and more than a little troubling. It implies it is private, but that’s a long way from “not used.” Does this same type of anonymous request go to hosts who do not leave a review for their guests? Anyone have an answer?

I got this as part of a review I just left as a guest, it came up during the review process.


I’ve never had this happen to me as a host - only as a guest.

It is private meaning not being shared with the host but obviously being used by airbnb.

I get that much. I’m wondering to what degree it figures into their algorithm. Search ranking, visibility, equivalency to the dreaded 1 star overall without any notice to the host? It’s underhanded especially if hosts are not given the same opportunity.


Interesting. And adding this. At the end of each guest review I am asked would you accept this guest back. I have always hit YES, except for one occasion. NO, with some delight I might add. This also says that the guest will not be notified. Similar to this discussion about guests being asked. It also concerns me because if a guest has a problem during their stay (and I live nearby) why not raise it and let me fix it?? Why wait until later. Last three guests have left with no review, and without a goodbye. And no complaints during stay. Worrying if they are smashing me privately with no recourse to respond?? My biggest problem is that guests dont read the listing.


I got one like that too. I had stayed in a broken down, filthy place that belonged to a superhost. So as to not damage his status, I declined to review, because he was responsive and gave us our money back. Airbnb, I think, wants to know if something’s up. So, I dinged him on that one they sent me later. It was terrible. So, they can get an idea of what might be going on behind the scenes? Just a thought.

Why would you “protect his status” while keeping the bad conditions of this place a secret? Guests need to know an honest review. In this situation, you have failed the community and made the review process inaccurate.

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I just had the same thing happen to me. We stayed a week with a super ho and the place was NOT clean. Baseboards dirty, HVAC vents dirty, kitchen cabinets had splatters all over them, stove was not very clean and the place needed work, peeling paint and stuff. I gave them 3 stars on cleanliness and 5 overall. I did not want to hurt them. My written review was short, great location I would stay again. I did detail the issues in private feedback.


Because he fixed all the issues, responded to me right away, etc. I would stay there again. I didn’t review him at all, I didn’t give a dishonest review. I let him know exactly what I would have said, though.

On behalf of all the guests who will be disappointed assuming that you were honest in your reviews, and all of us hosts who have to bear the wrath of guests who have been failed like this, I thank you.

Dirty is something that a guest would want to know about. Thanks again.

I was honest. Great location and I would come back. @Rolf

I gave them 3 stars for cleanliness which prompted questions from Air about exactly what. I gave the host honest feedback in private.

I hope the host improves, but I did not want to dig the knife in deeper with public comment, that would not help ME when hosts look at my guest reviews of hosts.

The whole review system sucks.