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Ultimate House Rules


Just spotted this on FB and thought folks would like to see what “real” House Rules should look like:


We used to have a version of that prominently displayed when our children were small.

Never worked, sadly …


I will be displaying this in a prominent position where Mr Joan might, just might read it.
But I doubt so.


(You referring to your hubby as “Mr Joan” always brings a snicker to me ~ it is sooo darn cute! He is such an entity unto himself and is gaining a personality thanks to your descriptions.)


All credit for naming him “Mr Joan” belongs to Helsi. She did so some months ago, I loved it and carried on. It’s now spread to guests too. I once mentioned that he doesn’t say much (too much Twittering…) and the guest said “oh, does he only speak on Tuesdays?”. That’s stuck too; always gets a laugh even if it’s untrue.


So funny. My hubby doesn’t say much either, until he’s a beer or two.


Exactly the same here! Thankfully, he is very funny with it; not a boozy bore by any measure.

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