UK lockdown + hosting

They are still coming workmen said they had to stop work on one home because they were coming down to stay…I do not think the police can work out how to police it properly

This is how the infection spread so quickly to many areas outside of Madrid.

We’ve had the guardia civil manning roadblocks on all major routes for over a week now. Stopping folks and sending them back to where they came from.



It is absolutely disgraceful, they are controlling travel in other European countries, no reason they can’t do it here. @sarann

oh my god, that is awful!

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Australia well and truly in lock down. Just on the topic of Airbnb - I have converted my local Airbnb to LTR and fortunately only lost a few days of rent, but a significant amount of income. In UK, I am currently under Airbnb “we will refund” etc strict policy. No money received yet. There is interest for LTR, but they want it at half the price of what would be a Normal market price - LTR rental market not Airbnb nightly market. The fabulous people who help me there are so worried, and also subject to total lock down, so there is no alternative but to close. Lawd knows how I will pay the bills. Also in UK, LTR is fraught with laws that mean often you cant get people to leave. Wishing everybody on this site, including those with well informed political views, all the very best, and stay safe. And thanks for your heloful insights. Cheers

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Hi @sarah1 as someone who lives in the UK some advice. You can apply for a mortgage break on your mortgage.

I have a long term rental and tenancy rights aren’t that onerous. I always credit check tenants and have landlord insurance that payout if the tenant doesn’t pay.

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Thanks Helsi, however I am fortunate I dont have a mortgage on what is really a shoe box, an old and small one bedroom council flat. But the problem with LTR is I want to use the property for 3 months of the year when I travel to UK to see elder family. Hahahah, like that is gonna happen this year. Still I am in a better position than most. Costs I am worried about are rates, elect, gas, wifi etc, all required. Really sad for the people who looked after it for me as well. They all needed the extra money, and are great.
Anyway fingers crossed.