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UK letting in the winter


We’re new to hosting and living in Hastingsin the south of the UK by the seaside - we have a lovely little terraced cottage circa 1800 in a tiny cul de sac alleyway. We live 3 minutes walking from the sea . What we’d like to know is can anyone give a view on the chances we can let it on a long term (1 or 2 months) winter let (Feb/March)? I know it’s hard to be certain about these things but I wondered if anyone in the UK is in our situation or similar.
thanks in advance


have you considered spareroom.co.uk as well?


Hi - no, we’re only really interested in a whole house let - we want to go somewhere warm this winter - and besides we haven’t got a speare room!
many thanks for the suggestion though!


Is the goal to get one tenant for the entire duration or just get bookings during that period?


I would suggest taking a proper look on spareroom.co.uk you can let everything from a spare room to entire places to monday to friday rooms. Its got everything. I;m in the UK (Cotswold) and it is very very slow this time of year. I think you will struggle.

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I agree with Kirsty Jane about Spareroom - it certainly isn’t just “spare rooms” and it’s really the go-to site for medium to long term lettings. However, let’s face it, although your cottage sounds lovely (and I love Hastings!) most people who have more than a couple of weeks to spend in Winter on holiday are retired and want to get away to the sun!

Worth putting it up though, as there are always people who need to come for work/visiting relatives . Do you have a large hospital nearby? Doctors often need temporary accomodation and we’ve found putting flyers on the noticeboard useful in the past.

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