UK Insurance: house, contents, hosting, and result!

Our insurance quote for the next year came in on Monday, with significantly higher premiums, since when I’ve been investigating alternatives. The NFU told me no, Airbnb have their Hosts Guarantee… and Aviva quoted an eye watering over £2K to cover for paying guests. Of course, Himself came back with an astoundingly positive result; creep! £466.13 pa, including separate cover for itemised jewellery, legal, re-build etc etc. I was so shocked, I thought he’d left a zero off. It’s less than we’ve paid this year!

The details for anyone interested;-

towergate insurance

UK: 0344 736 8240

Int: +441206 780312


Contact name: Michelle Dinnes, New Business Adviser.
T: 01206780312


Thanks @Joan that’s a great quote. I will give them a call.

I am in the UK and trying to find any house insurance companies who will agree to have the pikl insurance alongside for hosting. Any I have contacted say no. There must be some out there or are people not notifying their insurance companies as they should. Has anyone had any luck with this? Or an Insurer who will cover everything for a reasonable premium.

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Try Towergate, we’ve used them for STR before, as have a few others on here.

They could prob do an actual policy.


We used Towergate for a couple of years, until the Loss Adjuster they sent out refused our claim, even though I had weather data from East Anglia Uni to prove the wind speeds were over and above what the LA stated. She’d made her mind up before she stepped out of her car.

I’m now with Adrian Flux who are brokers, and paying less than I did with Towergate ( apart
from the cost of work to a chimney stack and roof tiles…). Their number is 0344 381 6505.

I’ve not needed to make a claim, so can’t comment, but they will cover STA’s, B&Bs etc.

That’s great thanks.