UK Hosts - Are you quiet in school holidays?

This is my first year of hosting. I started in November and expected that it would take time to get guests but until this month have been pretty much fully booked even through Christmas. Do you find your bookings are seasonal? Do you find bookings go down during the summer holiday from the end of July to start of September?

Am across the water in Dublin and am fully booked, am turning away guests. Was hoping for some time out before children go back to school but booked until the 4th. I only started in the end of may so not sure how the year works yet

We’re in Cornwall and have been pretty much fully booked since May. Where in the UK are you?

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Southampton. Been pretty much fully booked for the last 3.5 months and for the next few weeks.

I totally LOVE Southampton!

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Haha nice. When did you come here?

Oh, a long time ago! In 1970-something I attended Winchester College of Art on a degree course. It was impossible in those days to find accommodation in Winchester itself and at that time, petrol was way cheaper than it is now.

So I was looking for somewhere to live in Southampton - which I thought was a wonderful place. (All those ships setting off to mysterious and exotic places! Rather like the English version of Marseilles!) Unfortunately I couldn’t find a place to live in Southampton although I tried very hard and ended up living in Fordingbridge in the New Forest. That meant that I visited Southampton very regularly.

It’s probably changed a bit since those days :slight_smile:

Well I’m born and bred in Hythe which is on the border of The New Forest. I live in Southampton suburbs now though. I can see the cruise ships only just from my bedroom window. Easier option is to walk a couple mins to the beach where you can see the docks. Theres always a ship in though. One time there was 7 cruise ships in at once. Lol

But yeah Southampton is an up and coming city. A lot of money being invested and lots of huge fancy apartment blocks being built right now.

It changed so much during the 7 years I was in Australia. But yeah I love it too.

There used to be a fabulous pub that was outfitted in medieval style on one of the main streets. It had lots of knights’ banners and heraldry. I wonder if it’s still there?

I have no idea. The bars and pubs are always changing. Pubs are being closed down at a huge rate in the entire UK.

Yes, I’ve heard that. Such a shame as they were so big a part of our traditional culture.

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