UK hosts and 90 day rule?

Hello fellow hosts

Based on a conversation that’s currently going on in the community centre I thought I’d ask here; how many of you comply with the 90 day rule and how do you manage the process?

The 90 day rule applies specifically to anyone listing a whole property and says you can only let for a maximum of 90 days in the year… Before this was introduced it was in fact totally illegal to Airbnb without planning permission…

And here’s what a hosts insurance policy says in relation to this:

  1. Your home is not occupied by paying guests for more than 90 days in anyperiod of insurance and will be occupied by you for the remainder of the period of insurance.
  2. The number of adult paying guests occupying your home at any one time cannot be more than double the number of bedrooms (for example, no morethan 4 adult paying guests in a 2 bedroom property).
  3. The most we will pay for loss or damage to high risk items caused by Theft, Vandalism or Malicious Acts, or Accidental Damage while your home is occupied by paying guests is £5,000 or the amount shown on your policy schedule, whichever is less, unless kept in a locked securely fixed safe or removed fromyour home.
  4. Your home is your permanent (main) residence and not used for the sole purpose of renting to other people.

I share my home, so this doesn’t apply to my listing.

@Zandra, am I wrong in thinking this only applies to London? And I thought it also applied to anyone letting a spare room?

Asking out of interest as my daughter is considering it in Yorkshire.

I think the legislation applies throughout England I thought it only applied to whole properties but I am not completely sure . In any case I don’t rent my spare room for more than 90 days a year so not something I need to worry about even it applies to rooms in homes too.

Hi… It applies through the whole of England.

And as far as I’m aware it’s only for whole properties.