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UK Contents Insurance for hosts

I will be having someone to stay soon who will be in my home when I am out at work. I tried to get insured accordingly and have hit a brick wall. Have any other UK Airbnb hosts had any luck?

No I just made sure I have really good house and consents insurance …

I googled insurance for lodgers and there were loads of high quality providers (Axa, Churchill, etc) on the front page. We rent out our entire place and it took ages to find suitable insurance, finally settled on second home insurance from Intasure. They knew about AirBnB and offered a good product at a decent price.

Unfortunately if you only rent out one room (like me) that insurance won’t apply as my guest is not considered to be a tenant. In fact I was offered insurance but it included a clause that so as I was not protected unless there was forced entry. I might have found what I need and will be calling them later will report back here once done!

Hi, just joined this group as have been searching for decent home insurance after the company I was with refused to quote after I mentioned Air bnb! How have you been getting on with Intasure? Any advice welcomed… Ta!

Just been looking at this. Try these guys too: https://www.towergateinsurance.co.uk/home-and-property-insurance/a-guide-to-airbnb-insurance

I’m also looking for a UK solution.
Towergate have put keywords into their page to catch Airbnb insurance searches, but that page offers no new knowledge and does not mention which of Towergate’s own insurance products will/won’t cover Airbnb scenarios.

Yes one could obtain full and expensive B&B business insurance from a whole range of companies - the same type that covers a business with multiple rooms and even employed staff. Nothing on offer that’s tailored to the new Airbnb paradigm though!

Some Googling turned this up though:

where it says “we are among the first to offer an insurance policy to Airbnb hosts”.
I’ll be looking at the detail.

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I previously posted asking about UK cover. Whenever I look at a company advertising they cover hosting, on detailed examination they don’t. But I’ll sceptically check this one too and report back.

Edit: OK had a look and so far it looks legit and backed by Hiscox.
So Henny is maybe not spamming or at worst is a supporter of the company but this does look like a UK first and the info is useful.

Checked the FAQ.
“We can only offer you automatic cover if you have existing home insurance in place.”
…as I’d expect. BUT it does not cover the issue that standard UK home insurers will instantly null your cover if they learn you’ve been hosting, EVEN IF you bought additional hosting cover. So now I need to make some phone calls (why oh why don’t web FAQs ever cover what you really want to know?).

(Henny your post was flagged as under review by moderator as suspect spam… Or something)

Hi all

You might want to try these. They’re an insurance broker that specialise in Holiday Lets

We’ve had some luck in the past for sure.

It’s VERY important that you have public liability insurance, as it will protect you if a guest hurts themselves whilst in your property, and it’s recommended that you take out a policy of at least £5m cover. Also needed are contents/landlord insurance and building insurance.

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