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UK airbnbers - which home insurance do you use?


I had a conversation with John Lewis insurance the other day - turns out they don’t insure homes with airbnb. The only I could find (on comparethemarket.com) were insurance companies with provisions for ‘business’ home insurance, and they had really bad reviews. We don’t rent out our whole home - just a spare room, and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for insurance providers which don’t mind airbnb?


Hi nonotom,

I’m in the U. S. so my experience may not be pertinent to you, but here goes. I am insured with Safeco. I explained all the details of my renting out our spare room on Airbnb to our broker. She thought we would need to switch to commercial insurance which would have been much more expensive, but Safeco agreed to insure us including liability. We also have a one million dollar personal umbrella policy. I suggest you communicate with your insurer (in writing) to see if they will cover you even though you are renting via Airbnb.

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I’m guessing fro. John lewis. You are I the UK. I went through computer quote and have had a bit of a night mare. Phone them.directly.and they can help. Just be totally honest about what you are doing and they do and they do the hard work for you also be sure to get the home insured and public.liability.


EllenN thanks for your response (sorry nonotom!). I’m in US - looked all around and up-and-down and was told that, since we are in the home, we need to have commercial b&b insurance - being new in the business that leaves me with a specialty (Lloyds) insurer. Expensive - almost twice my HO policy (not as bad as I thought, actually). I’ll try Safeco on Monday.


Here at Specialist Property Insurance Brokers we are able to offer cover for contents and building for UK Airbnb hosts whether you just let a room or your whole house www.spib.co.uk

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