Ugh! Another Calendar glitch

On a whim I checked my listing in an incognito window this afternoon. I had been making a number of calendar adjustments in the past few days and I wanted to make sure guests could see what I had done.

Dates I have blocked are fine.

I went to check availability and put a date in the Check-in Field. No problem.
Then went to add a check-out date. ALL if the available dates have been blocked.
I called Airbnb and was told “This is a known problem. We are working on it.” No timeline for resolution. She stated multiple people have called with the same issue.


Wondering if others are experiencing this…I forgot to ask if it was company wide or regional.


Airbn “glitch per day” .


And today’s featured glitch is……….watch this space!:crazy_face:


Annnnd…another clueless CS agent… I just got this confirmation of my phone call

          " This is Tiffany B again—thanks for taking the time to call us. It's always great to hear from one of our Superhosts!

I’m just writing to follow up on what we were chatting about on the phone.

We encourage our Hosts to keep their calendars updated. But, as you might expect, some Hosts aren’t as up to date or as responsive as we’d like them to be.

That’s why we always recommend that you message a few Hosts, using the “Contact Host” button, before making a reservation request. That way you can be sure the Host has already confirmed availability and will accept your request.

This Help Center article will tell you all you need to know about building the best profile:

I understand you’ve been having some bother with being available on Airbnb.

Our engineers are already working to fix it, so hopefully it won’t take too long to resolve it."

What I REALLY want to respond with is “It’s not ME, it’s YOU!” while singing *Welcome to the Hotel California…you can check in anytime you want but you can never leave…" *

My actual response: I’m a bit confused about your summary of our interaction in the above message. I do not need information about contacting Hosts or making reservation requests.

I do not need help in building my profile. I have been a successful host for years. The link you provided does not address the issue.

To be clear - the issue is with my listing availability not showing up correctly when a guest tries to book my room. It shows up correctly in the calendar’s the initial screen, but when a check-in date is selected, the check-out dates on the rest of the calendar are blocked . Hopefully this is the issue being addressed.


Unfortunately, this cluelessness and failing to even read or comprehend a host’s message is the norm, rather than the exception. What I say to them when they do this is “Thank you for your response, however it appears that you failed to read or comprehend my message before sending me entirely irrelevant information and links. Please reread my original message and address the actual issue I am having.”

A few months ago, I had to go through 3 different CS reps and exchange about 8 messages before someone finally troubled themselves to understand my clearly stated and simple question and responded appropriately.


I just got back this reply:
Airbnb Support 1:02 PM
It is a help center article which required so send on all my interactions so that Users can gain from it for further reference.

Not content to stop beating a dead horse - I sent back:
It comes across as condescending to experienced hosts. Perhaps you can give that feedback to to company. I know I am not the only host who gets irritated at the “canned” responses we often get. Much of the phrasing in the scripted responses evoke a similar feeling. I don’t mean to be disrespectful of you; I just get irritated and annoyed at the overall style of communications with hosts.

I don’t expect any real change - but thought I needed to say something!

Now moving on…I’ll check my calendar in a few hours and hope it gets fixed soon.


The poor English fluency in her response makes it evident why our interactions with CS are so often fraught with frustration- they don’t even understand what we have written.

When they send me links to irrelevant Help Center articles, I tell them “I am an experienced host. I would not waste my time nor yours on questions the answers to which can be found in a Help center article. And it is clearly a waste of both our time to send links to Help articles which have nothing to do with my issue.”


@Terryathome If you’d like some insight into why Airbnb CS is so awful, you might find this interesting:


Finally resolved…now (fingers crossed!) I might actually start getting some booking. Unfortunatly, I have fallen to page 4 of the listings when in the past I have always been on the 1st or 2nd page. Not complaining too much…it could be on page 15!

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Or on page 16 or page 21, or…, which they don’t even show :grimacing:

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