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Uegent help needed -Wedding venue cancelled -- need your help, please!

I’m not so sure of that, there are many resort venues that offer rooms as well as the banquet hall for a wedding. I’ve been a wedding planner and I’d never ever use an Airbnb listing for a wedding unless it was a very small group, 20 or less.

YES. No real life details on the forum please!
I removed it but please don’t do that again.

@Maggieroni – believe me, I called, visited and reached out to various contacts and this property really was different and special. Naturally, I will go back to looking at other alternative properties once I get my act together. However, if you are willing to help me identify a similar property, I don’t mind paying you for your services.

Yes, it is BAD… and we all feel for you but he acted within his rights as a host.
You can’t do a thing about it. Not a single thing.

Just tell yourself, calm down, let it go… you will find a better place!

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@konacoconutz; please accept my deepest and heart-felt apologies, I didn’t post the address on purpose.

But you did post it after I told you not to.
We can’t go real life on this forum.
Please read our guidelines again to familiarize yourself with what things are allowed and what things are not.
It was 35 minutes before I got to it.

@konacoconutz – thank you for your kind words. People need to be accountable for their actions; the owner’s rep knew I was planning a big event involving multiple parties, and I had discussed cancellation at length with the rep.

Thank you but I only mentioned my background to add credibility to my post, I do not wish to gain from your problem. You can look at any resort or hotel and they provide excellent wedding services. If you don’t need to be in Florida I highly recommend The Meridian Club on Pine Cay in the Turks and Caicos islands. You can probably get the whole resort to yourselves and they were not affected by the hurricane. I wish you and your daughter the best!

@konacoconutz – thank you for your clarification; I actually have read the Forum Guidelines and I appreciate the time you take to be a moderator. I think it may be helpful to describe what “no real life” means in the guidelines; it confused me since people are regularly posting their listings for feedback and that’s “real life”.

@Maggieroni – thank you for the suggestion but we don’t want a destination wedding. We don’t want to impose travel expenses on our guests.


Names, addresses, “outing” someone even if you post enough information for someone to Google and find you.

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@konacoconutz – thank you for your clarification, I won’t out anyone or any location.

I’m so sorry this happened to you. What a horrible experience. I don’t think that anything you do will compel the owner to rent to you for your daughter’s wedding. However, if I were you I would call Airbnb to ask them to delist the property. I saw it on Zillow before your post with the address was removed. I can’t imagine any reason that anyone would book that property except to have an event. Therefore, if the owner doesn’t want to host events, the property should be removed from Airbnb so that others don’t suffer the same problems as you are going through.


@EllenN – thank you for your kind message. I still have not had the heart to share the “news” with my family; it’s all my fault as I “found” this property and suggested it as a venue for the wedding. I will check if the property was delisted.

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@MissMiami I would tell your daughter as soon as possible. Of course she will be upset. But why would she think it’s your fault that a third party you have no connection with decided to cancel?

It will be much easier to share the burden of finding somewhere else together.

I am sure your daughter had done research before you booked the Airbnb listing and she and her groom and other friends and family can help identify suitable places from their own knowlege and other places they had already shortlisted.

You never know they might even be pleased not to have such a big event.

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@Helsi – alas, no, my daughter lives with me and she has no idea of alternative locations and neither does the groom. My daughter and I are very close, she wouldn’t even select the envelope for the invitation without discussing it with me. We often joke that we share the same brain…

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Well then let her stretch her wings a little and let her and her groom do some of their own research.

Most brides and grooms enjoy planning their own wedding,

It’s no bad thing for her to learn to be a little more independent.


It sounds like you have worked very hard, and the plan was a good one. I would be venting too. A normal wedding venue is usually quite souless, and this would have been stunning. I’m hoping a new site will be found that is what you want.

@Helsi – yes, the bride is very independent! She has a job in which she manages over 30 people and owns several properties. We are just very close and family-oriented. Her wedding is not a learning experience on growth :slight_smile:


I think it must be very different in Miami - we have lots of beautiful castles, mansions, country houses that are anything but souless which we use as wedding venues.

I am sure a wedding planner could help Miss Miami’s daughter identify some suitable alternatives.

It doesn’t have to be all hotels.

And there must be more than one suitable venue in such a major city.

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