U.S. Airbnb Hosts! Get a set of Everplush towels for just the cost of shipping!

Visit our classic collection and check out the towels we have to offer you.

Now for a limited time, Airbnb hosts can get one set of Everplush Classic Stripe bath towels for 99% off! Contact customer.support@everplush.com with the subject line “I’m an Everplush Airbnb!” for promo code and details.

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Is this offer for the US only?

Correct! My apologies if you aren’t within the continental USA and were interested. That was the only shipping option we had available with this promo.

Thanks for the reply. I thought that would be the case as I couldn’t find any delivery information on the website without going all the way through the ordering process. Thanks anyway.

No Hawaii?..

Sorry! We’re restricting this to purely the Continental US states, so Hawaii and Alaska are out of the equation. I’ll keep you tuned if anything changes!

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Is this a microfiber towel with cotton nap? Not entirely sure I get it.

I think it is brilliant! You can’t put out just one set of sheets, so you get the first one for free, but then you have to buy at least three more sets so you have enough for 2 guests. This is really smart marketing/sales.


I ordered a set today so I’ll update here when they arrive. I’ve gone through about 20 brands of towels and the ones that have lasted the longest and still look decent were Chaps by Ralph Lauren. I’ve also had very good luck with JCPenney’s Home Brand.

I’m excited to see how these towels will stack up :slight_smile:


I have found that the Ralph Lauren towels last forever. I have a set in navy that I bought in 2000 that still look new, and I used them almost every day for 15 years. However, let’s just say they were not cheap.

Seriously tempted by this offer… if I didn’t already own about 10 sets of towels.

I got a set of two bath towels and the total due was $9.35. I don’t see the downside to trying these out.

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@azreala. Here’s one for you!

COSTCO towels… DONE & Done


Mine were shipped yesterday. I bought 20 towels when our listing went live in May. I thought they were good towels because there were thousands of great reviews, however there are already little strings coming loose and you know once that starts it just keeps getting worse. I am looking forward to trying the Everplush towels when they arrive!

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Me too. And my shipping cost was the same as yours!

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Not quite! It is more of a blend of materials with a patented technology to make it withstand the rigors of using a towel frequently. It consists of Dual Layer Technology that features an ultra-fine zero-twist cotton woven over a strong, hydrophillic core (the microfiber core)

There’s a lot of details to the towel and I don’t want to inundate this post with them. Feel free to check them out on our amazon posting for 2 bath towels – you can get the gist of our technology in about 2 minutes looking over the information there!

So is that the promotion? Two bath towels = 1 set of towels??

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Asides from the 2 bath towel set, there’s a 4 piece set:
1 Bath Towel (50 in x 36 in)
1 Hand Towel (30 in x 16 in)
2 Washcloths (13 in x 13 in)

.edit. Small clarification: We’ll provide the details with an email containing the link to your Airbnb!

@cabinhost Yes, as was clarified you have two choices. Since I buy cheap washcloths anyway I went with the 2 bath towel set. The towels are free but you pay for the shipping. Unlike some deals where it’s not really free because the shipping is some crazy price this is reasonable.


Just wanted to say thanks so far to everyone who’s taken a chance and ordered. A lot of you have really amazing units and I personally am pretty envious of your guests who get to stay with you.

Just to let you know, Everplush is a fairly small company at this point so please do give us a chance and your feedback – we’re working on expanding this Airbnb promo and developing the towel promotions so you can benefit while offering a towel that impresses your guests and is extremely durable for your needs.