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Typical Weekly/Monthly Discounts?

I’m running about a 40-50% vacancy rate - mostly due to most stays being for 3-5 days, which leaves a few days in the middle of each week unbookable because everyone wants a weekend in there somewhere.

Anywho, I was wondering what other people do about their weekly and “monthly” discounts. By “monthly”, I assume many of us try to avoid the 28-29 night rule, to avoid turning temporary renters into tenants. Monthly I peg at 28 nights, and weekly at 7 nights.

Right now I only have a listed discount of 10% per full week. I just got an inquiry for three full weeks. I obviously want to get the most I can for the space, but I’d also like to offer a little extra discount for such a long stay, in case they’re considering other properties. If I have someone booked solid for 3 weeks, that would get me roughly 50% more revenue than I normally would for a month in which I have 3 or 4 separate stays.

What do you guys do about these situations?


I have 10% for week and 15% for a month.

Our place is in a medium size city so we can also find professional.

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