Two separate units on one property - how to reach friends traveling together

My bestie has two separate units on the same property in tourist-filled Asheville. Each is a modern one bedroom/full bath/sitting area/private entrance and dedicated parking set up. I’ve helped him get started and now we’re not sure how to reach couples or family members who are traveling together and would really enjoy their own space but have the advantage of sharing the deck, transportation etc. Currently have separate listings on Airbnb. Does anybody have experience with making a separate listing that offers BOTH spaces at the same time, assuming we would sync the calendars? We’re looking for scheduling and cleaning efficiencies and think this is a great option to appeal to people traveling together. Thoughts?

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Just add another listing for both properties and link calendars to avoid duplicate bookings @dianecurry

In terms of marketing build your own FB pages and website and invest in targeted advertising for the types you want to attract - age , location , key words

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Diane, I have two apartments in the same building and quite often a family or friends group will book them both.

@Helsi 's advice is spot on - be sure to promote the apartments well and develop a good marketing plan. Social media is perfect because there are no costs apart from time.

Do be aware though that when friends/family book apartments in the same property they are in and out of both and (I’ve found, anyway) that the cleaning might require extra effort. If noise is an issue for you (it is here) then four people getting together create a lot more noise than two unassociated couples.