Two properties on one block

Hi hosts!
We are on the look out for a new property that we can use as an Airbnb (we have two already and love it). We have come across one that has the main house and also a studio/ granny flat that has a separate entrance and is relatively closed off. If we were to list them separately, do you think guests would be annoyed that there is another family/ group of guests so close by? From what I can tell (we haven’t looked yet as its a couple of hours away), there are two relatively separate gardens so I don’t think there is any common areas. Welcome anyone’s feedback who has done this before !

Assuming noise doesn’t transfer I don’t think guests will care. You will have to be transparent on if any areas are shared if applicable,


Interesting arrangement. I’ve never seen on like that as the owner always lives on site in one or the other properties. It doesn’t sound appealing to me as a guest but It would probably be fine.

@jodes — This is Airbnb, not Remote Hosts Are Us. The basic concept of Airbnb is SHARING space – usually with the host. There is no reason guests would be “annoyed” if there are others nearby!!

We live in the main house and 20 ft away is our Cabana listing. Only once in 3 years has any guest thought we were too close; and that was one of our two worst guests ever.

Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of Airbnb Hosts share rooms down the hall or on the other side of the house with guests.

I think as long as you disclose in the listing that there is another Airbnb on property it shouldn’t be a problem. Definitely be clear about any shared spaces.


Is it a touristy area? Is the average rental a week or more in high season? Maybe some would consider it a plus.

One of my rentals is in a neighborhood where every other house is a rental. Come snowbird season, where the shortest rental is a month, they all come down, slap their names on their light posts and make new friends. I think they like that area as everyone is seasonal. It certainly is friendly there during the winter months.

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It this an up/down duplex or side by side? If its up/down, you’re going to get a lot of noise complaints from the bottom floor people. It’d be better to rent it out to someone for cheap with a full disclosure that there’s going to be people stomping around upstairs.
If its side-by-side you won’t get as many complaints. If it becomes an issue, you can easily tear down and reconstruct the common wall with noise proofing materials.

I don’t think the duplex thing is a bad idea but for Airbnb purposes, you don’t need the zoning. The duplexes always fetch a higher price for the same property by usually about 20% so it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to buy a place and turn it into a “duplex” without the zoning or separate utilities.