Two or Four Pillows - Queen Bed

It’s time to bring in a fresh set of queen sized pillows and covers. When I first started my BnB, I initially had two pillows. A month later, another set of the same was added. I don’t recall why I added the second set.

What’s your thoughts, two or four pillows?

A bed for 2 people? 4 pillows. I know I use 2 myself to sit up and read in bed.
For my guest bed, which is only a single, they get a fairly puffy feather pilllow and a flatter synthetic one. I figure they can choose or use both.


I’m leaning towards two sets based on the fact that I added a second previously.

Sidebar: I personally don’t use a pillow.

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4 pillows, 2 per person in my cabins.


4 pillows

Then for extra style points, i add 2 (50x50 cms) cushions

It always goes down well with the guests.


Thanks all.

Two sets (4) it is.

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We have 6 pillows on our listing’s Queen bed. Each side has one in a pillowcase, one in a sham matching the comforter, and on of those large “reading” pillows with removeable covers for laundering. We love to read in bed and apparently so do our guests, as we get lots of positive comments on those pillows. The cased pillows are of differing firmnesses, which is also much appreciated.


We do the same. Four pillows, two soft, two firmer.


I have 4 on the bed. Two are the same, the two in the shams are different and in the closet the guest has access to two more that are different. So 6 pillows of 5 different firmness/types. I am someone who needs 2 pillows and one can’t be too puffy/high in order to really be comfortable. Many hotels pillows are too big and puffy for my likeness.


I do four pillows and have extras in the closet. I’m always surprise when four pillows were not enough. I had a couple use the four pillows and all the pillows in the closet. So I would recommend you go for 4 pillows. Best to have extras than not enough.

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I have two in shams and two with regular pillowcases. Then I put 2 of a different firmness in the closet and ask people to leave them out if they use them. This saves pillows that people don’t want from getting thrown about the room, needing cleaning for no reason.


I have 2 extra pillows for every bed in my rental. That is in addition to the pillows on the beds. All with protective covers on them. I have linens in each closet and extras in the hallway closet.

I used to have extra linens in the closets (really for turnover) (each set bagged). Then one special set of young guests decided to use 2 extra sets after they’d ruined the first with their colored hair wax. So they ruined 4 sets. I was like :open_mouth:!.

Now, one set on the bed per room and a large capacity washer/dryer if the need arises.

People are a trip sometimes :unamused:

(And definitely 4 pillows per bed)

I have, so far, had really good guests. I think it’s my clientele. Hunters. Very good people.

Clientele and location (which attracts a certain clientele). I wish. It’s one reason I am not near the city center…didn’t want these types but it turns out they are willing to drive a little further to save a buck. So I raised my prices. It’s helped quite a bit.

I use two pillows in regular pillowcases with two shammed pillows on top. I keep two extras of a different firmness in the closet and point them out when I check guests in.

4 down pillows on double bed, inside protectors and ironed cases. Decorative pullows retired due to covid except 1.

two pillows per guest.