Two Open Tickets - No Longer Possible?

I have two ongoing issues with guests at the moment. One is outlined in my previous thread.

The other involves Airbnb accidentally refunding a guest when they meant to change the number of guests. This ticket has been open for almost a month and is still ongoing as they believe that, due to the guest losing his phone during his stay, somebody may have booked my listing using his card details, even though the phone was lost both during his stay and two months after he booked!

Naturally, the guest has jumped at the opportunity to have a free month-long stay and is attempting to trick Airbnb into believing that he isn’t the one who booked or stayed at the property.

Whenever I contact Airbnb now, the phone system automatically assumes I am calling about this ticket. This makes it next to impossible to raise a separate issue as most agents don’t understand ‘I am calling about a separate issue. This is regarding Booking X, not Booking Y.’

On the few occasions I do miraculously get through to somebody who understands (it takes around 10 calls), they put their reply in the existing ticket, resetting any progress that was made in my old ticket as it now means that I need to resend my previous message and wait even longer for a response.

I was able to get a second ticket open by asking to speak to a supervisor, but this was then closed by an agent who didn’t even bother reading the ticket and assumed I had two tickets open for the same issue. I am now unable to re-open the second ticket I managed to get open and have had to call up asking to speak to a supervisor again!

Stop callling them about it and try messaging instead. Messaging also works better when the CS reps can’t seem to understand an issue.

Messaging gets nowhere. Any attempt to open a new ticket via a message automatically sends you to the open ticket.

Then I’m not sure what the forum members here can do to help you. Sorry, but unless someone comes along who has had the same experience, we are unlikely to be able to help.

Anecdotally, social media gets a good response.

You may have to try small claims court to get your money back from the guest.

Please let us know about how you did this and what the result was. Was it a similar situation to that of the OP’s?