Two kings or king and two singles?

Hey there!

I will be renting my 2 bedroom condo in Tulum and have the option of putting two king beds or a king and two singles.

I’m looking for research or first hand experience on which is more desirable in a place like Tulum.

Thank you!

Tulum. Do you mean Mexico? Not sure anyone here can help you, even though we’re international, you’d have to have someone in your immediate area to give you valid advice.

Thanks! I’ve been poking around a few places and found this forum so thought I’d check it out :slight_smile:


I would go 1 King and 2 singles that easily convert to a King or even 4 singles…
I would show both rooms with a King made up and explain that they can be converted to singles.

This way you can cater to 2 couples, families with 2 kids and friends of 4


It depends on who your target market are?

Yeah it seems hard to find the proper bed frames here for beds that atrach
to make a king :frowning:

Can you get amazon delivery there? A platform with one of the new boxed mattresses is a good option.

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We converted an existing bunk bed into 2 singles …put them together and bought an extra piece of foam to fill the gap. Not perfect, but is now covered by the mattress protector and fitted sheet …

Saved some money for us and works for us.

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We have four different rooms we rent. One room has two twin beds. Although the queen beds are more popular, we have had many like the twin beds. We’ve had friends, siblings and parents with older kids rent this room. They like having their own bed better rather than sharing a bed.

Just an FYI, we have 2 twin bed frames with California King box spring & mattress on top. Everything fits together nicely. Our apartment has one king in a private bedroom plus a daybed, double bed that can be made up like a couch during the day and an extra large twin bed underneath. Our target market is couples (they love the king bed), families (older kids love the separate beds) and business travelers (they like the king plus we have large desk area work space). We’ve been doing Air 10 months now and stayed over 80% full every month with a mix of families, couples and business travelers.

Wait… do you mean you just put two twins together and throw a king box spring and mattress on top, and you’re saying it fits and there’s no problem with moving around? I’m picturing that and just cannot imagine how that would look or be comfortable.

I have a platform ( cheap on Amazon) and have a Nest Bedding on it and it’s palatial to sleep on.

This is pretty standard, though the twins part is the spring, and the king you “throw” is the mattress. Hotels even used to do this, though I have noticed that recently they are getting king-sized frames, but they have a middle bar, so the difference is negligible.

I guess I cannot picture how it would fit.

Two twins == one king. They are the same size. Rather convenient in that way. In fact, you really can’t buy a king box spring. When you buy a king set you get two twin box springs and one king mattress. Easy enough to google.

I know but I’m saying if you put two twin boxes into two separate twin frames, then put a mattress on top how can you not have some movement of the frames? Or are you saying nothing moves?

You simply tie them together. If it is permanent, you use one kind of tie. If you want to be able to change the configuration, you use a different one.