Two guests in two rooms - toilet clogged

I recently experienced guest toilet (shared) clogged. Once guest left few hours before the other. While cleaning I found the toilet clogged… had to call a plumber to clear it and paid him cash. Reported to airbnb they asked me to tell the guest first. I picked up the last one who checked out first to write what happened and claimed the amount I paid to plumber. He send me reply through inbox sayin he didn’t do it. So I picked up the second on (who left earlier than the last one)…claimed…he never replied rather gave me a good review (!)… then I asked bnb resolution center to get involve. And this is what I got from them " since I contacted two guests and claimed money, bnb cannot provide any help in this regard.

Of course they can’t.

You can only make a claim if you know for certain which guest carried out the damage.

And you paid in cash. I hope you got a receipt so you can claim it as a business expense.


The plumbing companies I called were not available before 24 hours…so the guy who did it for cash was the only available one. How would I know who clogged it when 1 refused and 1 did not answer.

You wouldn’t that is exactly the point. Look at Airbnb Help Centre.

It explains how the Host Guarantee works.

thanks. will look into it.

Time to invest in a plumbers snake.


did they stuff a sock, toy, magazine down the toilet? If used properly not sure why you would charge a guest?

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@Brandt got there before I did but what was down there that needed a plumber to unblock it, might be a clue to who did it.

both rooms had white towel. plumber found a white face towel.

Which room had a white face towel missing?

both left used towels in the bathroom. Anyways…