Twin beds or a queen bed?

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I have an extra room at my house in Orlando that I would like to rent via Airbnb, and was wondering if it would be better to buy a couple of twin XL beds or a simple queen bed? Which type of bed do you think would sell the most? By the way, I live right nearby Disney…

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I would think you may get requests from single parents with their one child? I have that going on this weekend. I have just a queen bed, I’ve made an exception for the 15 yr old boy and will let them set up an air mattress. So, my opinion, two beds. Let’s see what the majority votes on :slight_smile:

I only deal with single guests. But they have a standard double to sleep in. But this doesn’t answer your question. I suppose 2 twins could be pushed together. But I think a quuen would look nicer in the photos. Plus it would attract couples if that’s what you’re after.

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Queen. Two twins would be double the work without the benefit of charging more.


Queen. Twins would be twice the work every time.

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We have two twin beds. When we host couples we tie the frames together with velcro. We have had many parties of guests who booked because we have two separate beds: siblings, parents and children, colleagues, friends, couples who prefer separate beds, etc. We have a trundle bed, so when we have one guest that guest has more room. Also, when we have one guest there is less washing as twin sheets are smaller. Here is a link to our listing.

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Thank you all for your great suggestions!! :grinning::+1:

We rent a whole apartment which has two bedrooms, one King bed and one room with two twins which we push together to make a King - lock the beds and then add a King topper.

I would say 20% of our bookings request the twin beds, the rest ask for two kings, but we like the flexibility of offering both options.


If you can stretch to it, I would get a zip link bed. I have one in one of my rooms. It can be either 2 3ft singles or a 6ft king. Gives me much more flexibility.

Personally, I’d go with the largest size that fits reasonably in the room. I got the bed for my rental custom made as 6 ft by 7 ft. Apparently this is known as California King, but I didn’t know that at the time that I had it made. Two beds pushed together just isn’t as comfortable as a single bed. And most of the time couples would prefer one bed, I think. How large is the room?

Just returned from France. We had a double bed room in two places. For this double bed, they put two twin mattresses together on a large piece of plywood that sits on a frame No secondary bed springs. Bedding is for the two twins. Should you wish to visit the person next to you, you have to leave your bedding to enter the bedding of the other person. It’s literally two twins pushed together. The two twins together are easily as large as a king-sized bed and quite comfortable.

I had 2 single beds custom made in such a way that the mattresses bump up against each other. This makes a king sized bed and I use king sized bedding on it. I can then use them as singles only as well.

I agree we get loads of requests for our room with twin beds as travellers who are not wanting to sleep in same bed would have to look for two single rooms which is far more expensive we charge for extra person in that room so have a single rate and a two person rate .

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I have a room with two twin beds, and one with a queen bed. The twin room is booked more often than the queen room.

I agree the twin room is a bit more work, because you potentially have two sets of bedding to deal with instead of one. What I do with my twin room is list my price for one guest, and then a second guest is an additional $10 per night charge, which brings it up to the same cost per night as the queen room if there are two guests staying.

I find that the people booking the room either need two twin beds don’t object to the extra cost, or they are single people booking the room because it is more affordable than the queen room if only one guest is staying.

Thank you so much for your insightful responses, I really appreciate it!

This is also why hotels charge more for them.

I have this bed from IKEA in one of my rooms, which is a twin that extends to a queen size bed or two twins. It gives people flexibility for whatever setup they need.

I would recommend the queen bed, it comfortably fits two and so much less work.

I would buy a queen and a twin. This way you can accommodate a couple traveling with one or two children. Better yet, a queen and bunk beds.