Tv shows about short term renting

I love interior design and have read or watched about interior design for many years. I have found a few good shows about design as it relates to STR that I really enjoyed. I thought I’d share here in hopes that there are others that I may have missed.
The first one was the one on Netflix called Stay Here. I’m sure most people are familiar with it. Kind of big budget remodeling stuff, but fun to dream.
The second is called Cash Pad on CNBC. Similar premise, redesign a place to maximize ROI.
The third is from the other side. It’s a guy who travels around to tiny STRs for weekends and rates them from a guest point of view. It’s on The Design Network which is a Canadian channel I think. I get on my iPad or Roku. Here is a pic of what the app looks like.

The show is called tiny bnb

Any others that y’all would recommend?

To be honest I find most of them completely unrealistic @Primdawg


The big budget design shows, yes. But the shows from the point of view of a guest is interesting. I like that it shows things that are sought after and maybe things that don’t add to the experience.

I enjoy watching them too. I’ve gleaned an idea or two. There was a host/property competition out of Australia that I really engaged my attention.

I enjoy seeing and am amazed at what others can offer.

My humble condo just can’t compare. But I love my condo. I am grateful.

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Was the Australian show Instant Hotel? I just added that to my watchlist.

I prefer to get this sort of feedback from my guests as they are the ones attracted to my type of listing.

I do market research with all of my guests to find out what made them choose my place and then post stay I ask for honest feedback on what they liked most and what I could to do improve my place and leave a box of them to drop in their comments @Primdawg

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I don’t watch much TV but I do like these kinds of shows as a source of ideas. It’s the same as reading a magazine article or taking a “tour of homes.” Just keep in mind that they are trying to sell something and you’ll be fine.

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HGTV Canada: ‘Vacation House Rules’ focused on fixing up properties focused on short term rentals.

A few years ago US HGTV had ‘My house is your house

You should be able to watch them on their network apps or YouTube.


Channel surfing today I found another one - Cash Pad

Renovations to make property STR appealing

I had to go to the hospital a few weeks ago for something super scary that turned out to be fine. HGTV Canada was playing in the waiting area, and I think it might have been that Scott’s Vacation thing – something like it anyway.
I don’t know that I am a fan, but it sure helped calm me down. All of us in the waiting room, clutching our health cards and take-a-number and COVID self-assessment sheets, were glued to it.


Just me because “inquiring minds want to know”…what is the HGTV Canada connection? I’ve noticed several of their shows are produced in Toronto city & Manitoba Province?

Do they have a Studio in T or M? Or both?

No idea, @Annet3176 . I saw only around 20 minutes of that one show before I was called away from the waiting area. The credits hadn’t rolled yet. :wink:

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A quick Google search says they are headquartered in Toronto.